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Friday, March 9, 2012

I Want One

When Honey and I spent Valentine's Weekend at Callaway Gardens, we attended a “Birds of Prey” show. (Yes, you read that correctly.) It ended up being very interesting and the best part was when the birds flew over the audience – inches above our heads!

Well during the show I was introduced to the absolutely cutest creature I have ever seen! (Daphne and Cash cover your ears with your paws right now!) Who can argue that owls are cute? Well imagine an owl that can fit in the palm of your hand? Well I saw such a creature and I am sure he was the model for those precious owl hats I’ve seen on Etsy that I am totally getting for our unborn son.

Needless to say this tiny own was preciously cute! What kind of owl you ask? Well he was a Screech Owl. How cute is that?

Take a look at him and tell me that you don’t want one now too?

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