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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's in a Name?

We are having a boy in June and one of the first things we will do as new parents is give our son a name! Actually we hope to do that before the birth, way before, like in the next few weeks.  Through the naming-our-child-process we have learned that every couple seems to have a different journey to get to their child’s name.
Here’s how the journey has been for Honey and me:
  • We are agreeable to almost every name! This has been a great thing.
  • Our list for girl’s names was very short. We could have picked a daughter’s name very quickly. (of course)
  • Our list for boy’s names was very looong. We love and agree on many different boys names!
Well, we finally got our boy’s names narrowed way down and are currently picking our favorite of our favorites! It should be easy because we love our final selections, right? But we are finding that it is still hard to pick one over the other!

At our "Waddle It Be" gender reveal party we had a "name drop jar"  where we encouraged guests to give us name suggestions:

It was so much fun reading through them later! Of course no one expected us to use a name they submitted (those with thin skin need not play) andI thought it would be fun to share some of the names we received.

We had some fun and interesting girl's names including some I had never heard of! The most unusual: Jo'letha.

My parents found names from their respective family trees to submit: Delilah Belle and Melissa Elaine

The cutest suggestion was from my friend Tara's son, he suggested "Mommy".

 The boys names did not disappoint either! The most interesting in that category? Aldous! Another unusual name was Xaiver. We got three "E" names including Eli, Elijah and Ellis:

From their family tree my parents suggested: James Homer and Michael Edward. (This was interesting because two of those names are Honey's names... and I'm not talking about Homer!)

While we have had fun looking through these names from our name drop jar we are still working on finalizing our son's name. We are so excited to have a name for him soon and I can't wait to share it with the blogging world!

Do you have any suggestions for us? Send them my way!


  1. That's such a good idea! How fun! I really like James :) Can't wait to hear what you decide!

  2. Love this! I wish our name selection was going quite as easily. With baby #1, we fought (not serious fights) for weeks about girl names before we knew the gender. :-) Boy names are easy for us, (family choice). But girl names we have completely opposite tastes- and are constantly vetoing eachother! LOL

    So for baby #2, a few weeks back the hubs was wanting to talk names. I am flat out refusing and honestly haven't even begun to start that process. If it's a boy, its easy- name already chosen. So there would be no need to go thru the naming baby girl vetoing we did last time. :-) But every few days he will drop a name to me- and usually around others. First off, it's a name I would never put on my child's birth certificate (not a bad or crazy name, just not my taste!) - So I shoot him the death stare, say "vetto" and remind him I absolutely refuse to go down this road until we know....:-) Hubby claims he knows we are having another girl. So this whole naming a girl seems completely relevant to him and very important.

    It's sweet he cares and wants to pick a name. Sadly our girl names are just not clicking. I've been worried about this since we named Presley. We literally got our girl list down to 2 names that we wouldn't veto. And neither of us really liked the other name all that much! Oh man...if hubs is right on Monday- I better get busy on naming, we got a lot of vetos in our future :-)

    1. I love Presley - such a sweet name!! You are smart to wait until the gender. We did that too... well first we started a list of boys and girls names but then we decided not to talk about it much more until we knew if it was a boy or girl :) Good luck with your naming journey - keep us posted!!


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