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Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade Baby Gift

Baby Boy Snowden got such a special gift last weekend! When Honey and I were visiting my family in Atlanta, our little baby bump got a step stool that my brother  MADE!!

I can’t believe he made this!  I love it and I know Baby Boy S will too!

My brother made one similar to this for his little boy last year. Since my nephew gets so much use out of such a handy stool, my brother thought that our little boy would like one too. I can’t wait until Baby Boy S can use this wonderful stool made with love by his uncle!

As soon as my brother put the stool down in the kitchen, my nephew, Lil D, showed us exactly how to use it.

While we’re on the subject of homemade gifts, I gave my little niece this pink hat I knitted. It’s called the “belly button hat” because the top is tied like a little belly button.

It’s a bit big for her little head now but next winter it will fit her perfectly! In the meantime her brother tried it on just to make sure it was suitable for his baby sister.

What a great weekend sharing homemade baby gift surprises and enjoying time with our niece and nephew.

And of course no blog post is really compete without a picture of my babies. Sweetly sharing a bed.


  1. Love the stool & how awesome how it was homemade.

    1. Thanks Diana!! My brother was so sweet to make this for our baby :) I love it too!


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