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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 Would you believe that this piece of furniture traveled all the way to our home from my childhood bedroom? Would you believe that before that it traveled all the way from France to be mine?
My mom found this great piece of furniture when I was a little girl and we were creating my “big girl room”. It really was a beautiful bedroom to grow up in and I always felt like a princess in it! 

Well my mom purchased the hutch from a furniture dealer and placed it in my room to hold all of my most favorite treasures. I love that she got such a functional timeless piece that has traveled with me over the years always holding my favorite things.

Now situated in our breakfast room it displays many of the dishes and pieces that Honey and I received as wedding gifts. Having them on display not only allows us to see these beautiful items and reflect on the loved ones who gave us each one but also to see what we have and use what we have!

I love entertaining and having these pieces handy is so great!

I have always loved this hutch and am thankful that my mom snatched it up for me so many years ago!


  1. It's beautiful! I love the story that goes along with it :) Family heirloom?

    1. Thank you Katie! This will definitely have to be a family heirloom that I pass down to my children. Hopefully it will have a story for years to come :)


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