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Thursday, September 5, 2013

House Tour Part I and a WINNER

Before our home-tour-in-picures, I am so excited to announce the WINNER of our Raised in Cotton 12x12 monogrammed frame!! Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and huge thanks to Rafflecopter for randomly selecting out of 282 entries... Sarah as the winner! Sarah, I am so excited to see what you pick for your fabulous frame. Please don't forget that Jes is offering all Suddenly Snowden readers a 20% discount on all frames through September 17th so I hope you'll take advantage of this incredible savings!

When Honey and I decided to live "on post" on the Army base here at Fort Leavenworth I had no idea what to expect with the housing. We were able to look at floor plans and choose the neighborhood we wanted based on the size of our family. 

When we first arrived, the house seemed so cold! With the beige walls in, carpet in the common spaces, and just the naked openness, I just wasn't sure if this house would ever feel like home. But, with Honey's help we rolled up our sleeves, and immediately set to work hanging pictures, window treatments, and sconces. We threw some rugs down, bought a few pieces, and before we knew it this Army house? Has become our home sweet home. 

Sure it's not my dream house but we are only here for one year. And now that we're set up? I love our humble abode! Here is a tour, in pictures, of our new-to-us home!

Our home has a foyer (I love foyers!) with a tile entry and a coat closet too. (Cash photo bomb!)
Parker's "play room" is straight ahead in the nook at the back wall. (Blue exercise ball for Parker Bear's physical therapy homework!)
Here is the foyer view from Parker's play room:
As you enter our home immdiately to the left is the dining room. Our breakfast room table is there currenlty but we are in the market for a dining room set. What is more grown up than buying a dining room?!

The dining room is connected to the family room, with columns cleverly creating a division of space. 
This is the view of our family room from the dining room. 
 And the view back into the dining room:
And the view back towards the foyer (Cash photo bomb!):
This is taken near Parker's play room:
And this is near the bottom of the stairs:
Tucked into what is intended to be the breakfast room is Parker's play room. Honestly, unless you have furniture fit for elves, this space is not a suitable breakfast area. Plus it's next to a fabulous kitchen bar area so I'm not sure why anyone would want a breakfast nook bumping right up to their bar! But like I said, we're here for a year and honestly I LOVE how his play area is turning out!

It is difficult to tell in these pictures but his playroom is actually a little nook in the back corner of the family room so it is perfectly spaced for our little boy!
I do like the openness between the downstairs areas. It doesn't feel like each space is on top of the other.
Coming around from the play area is the bar and kitchen. 
Not a very impressive kitchen I must admit. The laminate gray counters and pressed board cabinents (with NO hardware? Who does that?!) leave little for me to work with. But this kitchen does have a decivenly large amount of storage and that? Is something I am very thankful for!
I also like the proximity to the den from the kitchen.
Still rug shopping for this space...
The stairs are right off the kitchen and adjacent to the door to our full basement below.
(Also an upstairs sneak peak!)
A small hallway off the kitchen leads to our two-car garage, downstairs half bath, and laundry room.
This is the view coming in our garage door. A key hook and Cash's bowls!
The guest bath? It could use some paint to dress up the small space and a frame around that awful mirror but it's suitable and it will be fine. For a year.
I love this little piece! "The Loo"!
The laundry room is a great size! But with ONLY one shelf how is a girl to function? Where is the storage? Where is the pantry? Honey saved the day with this fabulous shelving providing me with all the space I need!
And with my DIY Cork Board message center on the opposite wall, I am pleased with this space.
Leaving the laundry room and rounding the corner, brings you back to the kitchen near the bottom of the stairs.

Right past this mini-gallery wall is our upstairs with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. But I'll save that for a later day!
I can't wait to share the rest of our house so stay tuned for more!



  1. You made that place home FAST! Looks good.

    1. Thanks so much! I am a nester, I have to fluff and duff until it's home! Can't wait for YOU to see it in person :)

  2. It looks so cozy and cute!!!!!! I love it!

    I still need to take pictures of our new house, I just can never seem to get good ones!

  3. YAY!! Congratulations to Sarah! I can't wait to see her pick. Your house looks super cute! It's amazing how quickly a house can be made into a home with a few personal touches.


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