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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where To Next

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The dust has barely settled on our move to Kansas and already we are being asked, so where are you going to next? Actually we are wondering that same thing!

Since our time here in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is only one year I can understand why many people - us included! - would wonder where we are headed to after our time here. Where are you going next is a hot topic of conversation here among the students and their families!

Well, for Honey and I, we do have a little, teeny, tiny say in the matter, fortunately! But of course there are also factors much bigger than what we want that have to line up to get us to the next destination. Because of that Honey and I have agreed that we will abolutely not, under any circumstance, no matter up get our hopes up for one location over the other. We have agreed to keep our hearts open to where we may move next and believe that regardless of the location it will be an adventure either way. After all, we are having a fabulous time right now in Kansas of all places!

But we do have a list because well who am I kidding, I always have a list. So where would we most like to go? Well, after looking at all the military installations that have pilots doing the same kind of work my husband does, we came up with our "Top 5 Next Stops".  Here they are:

Our top three choices are not in any particular order, but we do like these top three equally.

1 - Savannah, Georgia. It's a costal town. We absolutely love that part of the world. The base there is very close to the city of Savannah. There so, so much to see and do there. It's rich in culture and history. And best of all? It's in the south. Need I say more?

2 - Ft. Carson, Colorado. Well it's in COLORADO. It's near the mountains. We would be in close driving distance to snow skiing in the winter. There is so, so, so much to do outdoors, from fishing, to kayaking, to camping, to biking. And, it's in COLORADO. So of course, that is a no-brainer.

3 - Germany. C'mon, it's Germany! As one of our two international possibilities, this one sounds better and better to us all the time. A con here is of course, we'd be far from family. A pro here is that, we'll we'd be in Europe. And it's not forever. A very dog-friendly town, full of history and culture, this would be a very wonderful and unique experience for us.

4 - Ft. Campbell, Tennessee. This might as well be home to us. This is where we first lived after our marriage. Where Parker Bear was born. A part of our hearts will always be here. We know the area really well and we would be smarter about picking where to settle down. But on the other hand, already lived here so it lacks that adventure appeal. But it is still on our list and we'd be happy to go back.

5 - Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The only other southern destination where Honey can get a job doing-what-he-does. That's really the only reason this one made our list. What can I say? We're southerners.

At this point we do not know where we will end up going next. The only fact we have at this point is that when Honey graduates from the Command General Staff College here next May, we will pack up and be on our way. Hopefully to one of these five places. But then again, it's the Army so who knows?

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  1. How fun! The not knowing adds so much excitement to it all. All five places sound great. Do you know WHEN you will know where you're going next?

  2. Hi! I just happened to come across your blog today and I love it!! Fellow military spouse here we actually just left Ft. Campbell in May after 7 years. Can't wait to get back we don't have much of a day in where we go its pretty much back to Campbell. :)


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