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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

House Tour Part II

A couple of weeks ago I posted a tour through pictures of the downstairs of our new-to-us we-will-only-live-here-one-year house on Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Today I am excited to share Part II of our tour through pictures!

Join me for the rest of the tour through our three bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home!

Last week we left off here, at the base of the stairs...
Our stairs have a landing which created the perfect nook for our vintage trunk and pictures on the wall.

 Also along the stairs, the mossy monogram my sis-in-law made for us (a decoration at our wedding!) is displayed.
 At the top of the stairs, in our upstairs hallway, is our gallery wall!
A right turn at the top of the stairs leads to our guest bath (also Parker's bath room).
It's also the BIGGEST bathroom in the house!

I hung three pictures on the opposite wall of Parker in water scenes: in the pool, at the beach, and in the tub!
This room has not one but two linen closets! Great storage!
And a picture of our other baby, Cash Dog, at the beach:
Leaving the bathroom, back into the hallway, there are three bedroom doors and one closet door. On the right is the guest room and then Parker's room and on the left is the master bedroom and bath.
Our guest room with a vintage quilt we received as Christmas present our first married Christmas:

 I just added a new lamp and frame to the right bedside table.
And across from the guest room is our bedroom!
Because of the dimensions of the room our bed had to face this way, but I like how it turned out!

And our master bathroom, which has very little under cabinet storage but a deep linen closet:
 We had to buy a shower curtain for this house and I'm not sure if I like this one. I'm sure it will change a time or two before we leave!
The toilet is opposite of the sinks...
And perched on the windowsill is the beautiful conch shell we picked up in the Bahamas two weeks before our wedding:
The other side of the bathroom leads to the linen closet (left) and master closet (straight ahead).
 Back out in the hallway, past another linen closet (which makes 4 upstairs alone!), is my favorite room in the house, Parker's nursery! Because there are two windows in his room (and our old house had only one) I had to hang some of his decor in the hallway outside his room. I actually really like how it looks!

These canvas newborn prints hang opposite his door:
 And these two precious pieces hang just to the right of his door:
And of course his birthday wreath is on his door, replacing the "baby" one I made for his gender reveal party:
Just inside the door
His last nursery had only one window. I'm thankful I was able to purchase a second window treatment!
Parker's nursery theme is Peter Rabbit with green accents.

This little book nook is tucked in the corner by the crib:
Above his dresser we hung shelving to display all his sweet treasures!
And a basket filled with blankets sits by the door.
Exiting the nursery, brings you to the hallway heading back to the stairs. 
(Cash photo bomb!)
 And then back to the top of the landing. I love that we have a small nook here to place our quilt rack. I hope that guests will feel welcome to grab a blanket to cozy up with in their room during our cold Kansas winters!

Thank you so much for joining me on this tour of our home through pictures! Now, when are you coming to visit us? The clock is ticking, we'll only be here nine more months!


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  1. Your home is nothing like the house on base on Army Wives, just so you know ;)

    And I spy with my nosey eye a gift from us to P Bear!


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