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Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Part I - Christmas at Home

Christmast this year was nothing short of magical! Our second and last Christmas as a family of three, our only Christmas in Kansas, and a beautiful White Christmas, it was an amazing time for our little family!

In keeping with our tradition of traveling to see our families either before or after Christmas but never  traveling over Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we had a wonderful Christmas spent at home soaking up every minute together.

The week of Christmas it SNOWED more than 8 inches here in Kansas! So we kicked off Christmas Eve with three things: playing in the snow, eating our traditional Christmas Eve feast, and going to the candle light service at our church.
For our Christmas Eve lunch I made: ham, dressing, carrot soufflĂ©, collard greens, and cream style corn. (I usually cook a turkey but after Thanksgiving I learned that during this pregnancy I don't like to see raw poultry and then eat it. Oops. So ham it was!) 

I must have been to busy to snap a picture of our meal but I did manage to get this picture of our dessert - my first ever pound cake. It was modeled after one of the flavors of our wedding cake: chocolate chip. Honey, who "doesn't like pound cake because it's too dry", could not get enough of this cake! I'm always so excited when I make something new that he loves!
After stuffing our faces and then taking a family-wide nap, we attended the Christmas Eve service at church! Parker loved the candles and with the help of a few trucks was a very good baby during the hour long service.
We wrapped up our Christmas Eve with some advent calendar chocolates and reading "The Night Before Christmas" in front of our Christmas tree. 
Finally it was Christmas Day! We woke up to find that Santa Claus had come to leave some presents (both wrapped and unwrapped!) and filled our stockings! 
Although we could not wait to let Parker dig into everything, he doesn't quite understand "Christmas" just yet... so to Parker it was a normal morning and the first order of business was breakfast.
After filling our bellies with our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we turned Parker loose to discover what Santa brought!
He loved playing with everything!
And he loved opening presents!
The big dump truck was a huge hit!
It was a wonderful Christmas morning!
After all the excitement of opening presents Parker took his morning nap and then we had our traditional big lunch of Christmas Eve leftovers. Then it was time to open our stockings! It was so much fun to let Christmas morning last as long as possible!
After playing with all of the new toys (mostly trucks!) Santa brought, we bundled up and headed out to play in our white Christmas snow!
It was such a wonderful Christmas!
I have to share this adorable "Christmas Craft" Parker made! It's a reindeer (in case you can't tell) made out of his hand prints for the body and head, and his thumb prints for the ear, eye, and nose. I know I will treasure these little prints forever and a day!

I hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were filled with magic and blessings and family and good food! Just like ours. Until next year... Merry Christmas!


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