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Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Is Where the Army Sends Us

Coming from a girl who lived in her hometown her entire life until a man in uniform whisked her away to parts unknown, this hometown girl knows that the meaning of home is not a house with four walls.

But don't worry, this is not a mushy post about home is where the heart is and all of that, this is a post about our actual home. Well, our next home, after Kansas.

You already know that we are only in Kansas for one year. We are here for my Honey to complete one year of school required by all officers of his same rank in all military branches. He is also completing his master's degree. (He's been busy. To say the least...) And if you saw my post in September about Where We Might Go After Kansas, then you know that we had a top five list of potential options.

From Germany, to Colorado, to Savannah, the Snowden family was dreaming big! The idea and the promise of adventure was looming before us and we were excited about the options. Of course since we are an Army family, the decision is not exclusively ours. The factors that go into deciding where we go next are very similar to non-military jobs. Honey is an aviator (one reason he looks so good in that uniform!) so we are first limited by locations that need pilots that can fly what he flies. After that there are things like qualifications and job availability, just like a normal job.

As my husband began looking into what was available at the places on our "Top Five List", it looked like we had some exciting decisions to make. Generals from these different places were flying in to meet with students, like my husband, and Honey's schedule was filling up with interviews. It was pretty exciting!

Then something happened that we didn't see coming whatsoever. We got a call from the unit that my husband was in before we came to Kansas. The one in Fort Campbell, Tennessee. They had a job and they wanted him to take it. We talked about it but there was not much of a decision to make.

This was an easy one for us because we already love that unit. They are not like the regular Army and their unique situation fits our family so very well. Then of course, going back there is like going home for us. After all, that is where we lived after we were married. That is where Baby Parker was born. And out of all the options available to us, it is the closest one to both of our families. Since we will be returning with a teeny, tiny, newborn baby, being close to family will be a fabulous blessing!

Honey accepted the job and we celebrated that the decision was made and we would be returning to Tennessee. Back to one of our favorite parts of the world of course, THE SOUTH. Home might be where the Army sends us, but the south? Well that just feels the most like home to this Army family!

We are traveling back to Tennessee in a few weeks to shop for homes. A home that we expect we will be living in for at least 3-4 years with the possibility of more. And that? Never sounded so sweet to me!


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  1. So exciting. I think the one thing that would drive me batty (like there is just one thing) is that I would find a home I loved and imagine enjoying for years to come to just have to pack up and move again.


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