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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas Part II - Christmas at "Home" with Family

Although we treasure our Christmas spent at home starting our own family traditions, Christmas just isn't complete until we've spent time laughing, eating, and sharing gifts with our families at "home". This year due to Honey's school schedule we had to travel "home", which of course means to the south, to see our families after Christmas.

So three days after Christmas, we woke up before three a.m. and boarded a flight at six in the morning headed to Dixie Land! Parker was a trooper and as usual a very good traveler. He took hold of my "cutie" in the car around 4:30 a.m. and didn't let go until he fell asleep on the flight!
We flew to Atlanta where we met my parents at the airport. They let us borrow a spare car to drive to Birmingham to spend the first part of our trip at Honey's parents house. Our four days there were packed with family and fun!
Parker enjoyed playing with his cousins O and EG!
He got lots of kisses!
Honey and I loved getting to love on the littlest Snowden, Baby S!
And Parker loved making faces with Uncle Joey!
We had a "Christmas Morning" with Honey's parents and just the three of us. While we sure did miss having a "Christmas" with the rest of the family and sharing in those special memories together, I think Parker enjoyed having all the attention! Hopefully next year we'll be able to have a "Christmas" altogether.
Parker loved playing with his new books and toys!
 The weather sure was warmer than what we were used to in Kansas! We took some time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!
 Parker convinced his daddy to push him around in this box which was wonderful fun!
 And Snoopy and Honey got this toy train out for Parker to ride. This belonged to Honey when he was a little boy and Parker? LOVED IT!!
 In addition to spending time playing...
 Accompanying GiGi for her birthday lunch (we forgot the tray for his portable chair so Parker thought  he was so big sitting at the actual table with us!)...
 Checking out his big cousins train table...
 And seeing his first ever doll house (he wasn't sure what exactly to do with that)...
Parker kept busy!
He took one last chance to play with Uncle Joey right before we headed home.
After a wonderful visit in Birmingham, we loaded up and drove back to Atlanta to spend the remainder of our trip with my family in Roswell. Our time together there was so wonderful, filled with laughter, good food and more laughter!

 We kicked off our visit by spending Christmas morning altogether! It was a wonderful treat to have my brother and his family join us in staying overnight at my parents house. It felt like Christmas never had to end!
 All three little cousins were excited to open presents together!
 Parker was so excited to show his Daddy his presents.
 And check out what everyone else was getting too...
 Big Cousins D and R were so sweet to Parker and wanted to be next to him at every opportunity!
They had a great time!
I just love this one:
Another big excitement for Parker was taking his first ever ride on a 4-wheeler with his Daddy!
Here is a short video of them riding together:
I think both boys are hoping Santa brings one for our family next year...

After all the fun of Christmas together, we spent the last night of our trip enjoying a fabulous dinner with my parents at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Roswell. Roswell is such a special place to us because it is where Honey and I first met many, many years ago. I love that I get to call this place my hometown!
We were sad to leave but happy to be fortunate to spend this special time with those dearest to us!
We had some significant travel delays at the airport. Who would have thought finding a pilot would be difficult? In an airport? But Parker was a trooper. 
And arriving home at midnight, in the snow, nearly seven hours later than we were supposed to arrive home, never felt so good!



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