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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Yes I was supposed to post this yesterday but I didn't so why can't I have my Five on Friday... on Saturday? Exactly.

Parker and I are LOVING week #2 of both Music Class and Play Group. For the new year I decided to sign us up for some fun activities to enjoy during our last few months "just us" before baby brother makes his debut. And now I am regretting not doing these things sooner! We have so much fun and are both making new friends!
Honey busted out three rustic Pallet Shelves for Parker's big boy room. I can't wait to hang them for our big boy as well pull his new room together!

We had sushi take out this week from a local place and I loved every chopstick licking bite! Of course I didn't eat any of the raw stuff being that I'm preggers and all but it was some good stuff all the same.

This week had some emotional lows for our family. We weren't alone this week as it seems there were sad things happening in the lives of many close to us. My number four for this week is that Parker and I stayed home on Thursday and tried to play and laugh and stay warm. It was the only day we didn't leave the house and we (well, I) really needed that day with this cutie.
We had a super fun play date with one of our new friends from play group! Parker and I have both enjoyed meeting so many wonderful new people during our time here in Kansas!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I hate to hear that the sad and blues have invaded your lifes. I'm just a text/call away if you need someone to talk to!
    I found music classes with Connor and I'm so excited to take him... he is going to freak out!


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