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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SO WHAT Wednesday

I'm linking up once again with Shannon over at Life After I Dew to say SO WHAT Wednesday! Here's what I have to say this week:


... If after my post yesterday about the differences in mine and Honey's "sick days" that man of mine went out to our garage and made me two pallet shelves for Parker's big boy room? On his sick day no less. Well played Husband.

... At my OB appointment this week I learned that I have not gained a full pound since my last appointment in December? I was surprised because I sure do feel bigger sooner than I did with Parker at this stage. I should be thankful because all those pounds that I gain, will still be there after a newborn baby comes out. Guess I should put away this bag of chips...

... If is it is only Wednesday and I've already used our crock pot twice this week? Leftovers anyone?

...If I was the only mommy at Parker's Kindermusic class who did not take off her shoes? As if my un manicured feet weren't enough, to see them naked sticking out of my toeless maternity compression hose would have been enough to make me certifiably crazy. As soon as I saw all the other mommies in their super cute polka-dot and argyle socks I knew one thing, my shoes? Weren't coming off. Guess I'll be wearing cute socks over my hose next week...

... If I love to smell Parker Bear? The best is when he's been playing and he's warm and he comes to give me a big hug. Mmmm, I could just bottle that smell up!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I'm ready for my daughter Emily to be old enough for some kind of baby class. I need adult interaction! lol
    The crock pot is magical =) I think my family might starve without it because I have zero time to actually cook.

  2. New follower from SWW. I didn't gain until 26 weeks with my second. It was so much different form my first. I just soaked up that non-weight gain! Crock pots are pretty awesome. I love the way my kids smell, especially just after a bath!

  3. 2 post in 2 days, does this mean your back??? ;) Miss you BBFF!


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