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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Day in the Life

I am always so interested in a day in the life of every other mommy with children at home. Baby Parker has a wonderful schedule and I’m learning quickly that just as we evolved into our current schedule we will soon evolve into another one.

There are two things I love about our current daily schedule: one, it runs like clockwork day after day on the days we are mostly at home, and two, it totally works for us!

Here is our typical day to day:

9:00 am – I get Parker up out of his crib. He occasionally wakes up earlier and plays in his crib for 20 mins or so. As soon as I scoop him up he is ready to nurse. We nurse and then head downstairs.

9:40 am – I hand Parker over to Nanny M. They play and laugh for an hour while I head to my office to work.

10:45 am – I change Parker’s diaper and then Nanny M reads him a story to start the “naptime routine” while I head to the gym.

11:00 am – Parker is placed in his crib in a semi-asleep state for his morning nap.

12:15 pm – Parker wakes up and plays happily in his crib until I scoop him out. It’s usually 12:30 when I get him up since that is when I’m returning from the gym.

12:30 – Parker nurses

1:00 pm – We head downstairs to have lunch together. Parker eats a fresh pureed vegetable, baby yogurt, a handful of puffs, and a jar of organic baby food. After we get cleaned up from lunch I head back to work while Parker plays with Nanny M.

3:15 pm – Parker and I nurse and afterwards I head back to my office and Parker has a little more playtime with Nanny M.

3:50 pm – Nanny M or I read Parker a story to start the “naptime routine”.

4:00 pm – Parker is placed in his crib in a semi-awake state for his afternoon nap.

During his nap I usually take my post-work-out-shower. (Hopefully I had a chance to do this around lunch but sometimes between work meetings it just doesn’t happen until the end of the day. Sorry.) Nanny M has dinner all prepared so I also use this time to turn on the oven, set the table, read the mail, finish up work, whatever needs to be done before Parker wakes up!

5:30 pm – Parker wakes up and I scoop him up to nurse him.

6:00 pm – We head downstairs to play and finish up any final dinner preparations. Honey usually comes home around this time and he and Parker are always happy to see each other!

We eat dinner together as a family *every night* and then we all play until time for Parker’s bath.

8:00 pm – I run Parker’s bath water while Honey plays with him and gets him undressed. I give him his bath and once he’s in his night-nights (pajamas) we nurse then have a bedtime story (usually two) and then it’s time for lullaby’s and bed time.

9:00 pm – Parker is placed in his crib in a semi-awake state and drifts off to sleep.

Later, before Honey and I head to bed, I check on Parker. He never hears me come in!

He sleeps for 12-hours. He is such a good sleeper! Honey and I get up around 7:30 every morning and then the day starts again!

Now this is not to say that there are times when we’re out for an appointment and he ends up taking a later nap because we weren’t at home. Or if we have company and he is playing and having a good time then the schedule might get adjusted.

Usually it works best to stick to this schedule but I welcome opportunities to practice being flexible with Parker. On days we are home this schedule works. On days we are away from home or something else is going on, we adjust. That’s how life goes – you adjust! 

What is your day-to-day like with your little one? I love to hear what other mommy's days are like!

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