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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Barely Getting Away

Honey and I were so excited to plan a fun little family get away for the three of us in Chattanooga! Well it almost became the family get-away that didn't happen.

It was last month. We had planned to leave on Thursday morning to enjoy a four day extended weekend. But then Honey found out he had to attend a meeting on Thursday so we shifted our plans and left Thursday evening.

When we got to our hotel in beautiful downtown Chattanooga we quickly discovered that there was no bathtub. The bathroom was quite nice and certainly perfect for Honey and I. But with Baby Parker along we needed a tub! Fortunately Honey had specified that we needed a tub when he made the reservation, so after a brief chat with the front desk we were moved to a different room.

The combination of leaving late and having to move rooms made for a late bedtime for Parker! But he was a total trooper!

That night around 2 AM Parker woke up crying. This is very unusual for him so we knew something was wrong. Since the only thing that makes him cry is an ear infection, we administered numbing drops to both ears. As soon as they took effect he went right back to sleep.

That, however, sealed our fate. We knew we would be at the ER first thing the next morning.

As expected the ER took most of our day Friday. We finally got the medicine we needed and were on our way at about 2 PM. We were able to salvage the afternoon with a visit to Rock City. After such an eventful night and day Parker slept during most of the time we were there.

That evening we enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner at a fun restaurant overlooking the river!

The next day, Saturday, we enjoyed the Tennessee aquarium! What a wonderful place. Parker was so cute looking at all the colorful fish!

That night honey treated us to a fabulous dinner at a nice restaurant. Parker was certainly the youngest patron there but he was extra good. We had a wonderful time!

The next morning, we considered visiting two other attractions on our way home but ultimately we just wanted to get back. Parker was still not 100%. We took our time on the drive back which was nice and got home at a decent hour. The next morning we woke up to this!!

Despite everything it was a wonderful family weekend! We enjoyed the chance to get away and have some family time together. A few days after we returned home, Parker went to the ENT and we would plan to get his tubes.

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