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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Daphne Doodle

My first baby, Daphne Doodle, passed away on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Daphne was diagnosed with kidney disease about a year ago. My veterinarian explained that there is little that can be done other than daily medicine which basically helps with bladder control. Depending on their age at the time of the diagnosis many animals can live for quite some time with the disease.

Daphne was twelve when diagnosed, already quite old for a black Labrador. While she remained in good health otherwise, old age combined with this debilitating disease eventually took it's toll on her little body.

I got Daphne when I was only 20-years-old. Think about that for a second... About how much your life changes between the fourteen years that span the ages of 20 to 34. That's a lot of years. That's a lot of changes. 

Daphne was with me when I bought my first car, graduated college, totaled my first car (literally, she was IN the car with me!), went through a series of boyfriends, bought my first house, got her brother Cash Dog, met Honey, got married, and had a baby. She and I went on road trip after road trip together. We even have a collection of awards we worked for and achieved together. She raised me just as must as I raised her.

I miss that sweet girl every day. I'm thankful for the years we shared together. I'm thankful that she got to meet my love. Got to meet my baby. I'm thankful for the late night talks we had on my couch or snuggled under a blanket on the bed. I'm thankful that I had her in my life.

I'm blessed that she spent her years with me.

I know I'll see her again. I know dogs are in heaven. It would not be heaven if they weren't.

I love you sweet Daphne Doodle! And I miss you all the time. I know the hurt will eventually ease and in it's place cherished memories will live. In my heart. Forever.

 If you want to see more pictures of sweet Daphne and her antics with me over the years you can do that here

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  1. Labs are the very best dogs!! I grew up with having labs as pets and I would love for C to have one of his own one day.

    I hope you are doing okay. It's so tough to lose a loved one, four legged ones included.


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