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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Are Not in Kansas

When Dorothy was in Oz and she wanted to go home, she clicked her ruby red slippers and was immediately back in her bed, in her room in the mid-western state of Kansas. Well, Honey and I recently found out that we are moving, curtoesy of the Department of Defense, to Kansas. As much as I’d like to click my heels and be transported to my bed, in my room, in my new-to-me home in Kansas, our move will not be nearly that easy.

Why Kansas? Good question! That’s exactly what I said when Honey told me that was a possibility a couple of years ago. My husband is a Major in the Army and one of his job requirements is attending General Command College required by all military Major’s at four locations around the country. And our location will be Kansas.

How do I feel about this? Well, mostly, happy! Because:
Honey will be HOME every day and night of every week of every month for a whole year! No deployments. No top secret missions. No work trips. No travel of any kind. Unless it is a trip we take as a family!

Also, this will be our first “adventure” together! Sure we’ve each traveled the globe (not together but we’ve each been to far flung places), we’ve had some wonderful short adventures as husband and wife. But this? Is different because it’s a big adventure and our first big adventure as a family! Not to mention, my first Army adventure. Ever.

Another positive is that this is only for one year! This assignment has a definite end date. We will be in Kansas for one year. And that’s that.

Are there any downsides? Well, of course.
We are no longer less than 4.5 hours from both sets of parents. No. This is a super long drive or a plane ride away from family. Which will certainly change the dynamic for the holidays and other occasions this next year.

As for other cons, there aren’t any that come to mind. That’s a pretty short downside list!

Aside from that I understand that the weather is extreme. Where we are going to be is very hot in the summer and buried under snow all winter. The snow thing will be new to this southerner.

Honey and I hear over and over again from those who have been there that they love it. Absolutely love it! We will be living on post, on the actual army fort, in new housing. We will be living among others who are there also for school, which is great because they will totally get our situation.

We will be near Kansas City, which although I realize it is Kansas, is supposed to be wonderfully cultural and full of fabulous restaurants, shops and things to do.

When are we moving? We are moving whenever the Army tells us. We believe that will be late June to early July. We are planning to have our house completely packed up by the end of June, celebrate the fourth of July here in the south and then hit the road headed west.

I look forward to this new adventure in our lives. And of course I look forward to keeping you all updated along the way!


  1. You are bit closer to me now in Texas. It's a bit scary moving but once you get settled in and find your new way of life, it's so much fun!

  2. You are brave to make such a big move. But, I know you're going to love it once you get settled in. I hope we are able to visit while you're out there.


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