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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The End of The Day Job

I totally quit my job. Ok, that's not true. Not even a little bit.

The truth is I was going to quit my job. Was totally on the get-me-outta-here-my-baby-is-growing-before-my-very-eyes plan.

But something happened that made quitting my job so much better than quitting my job.

I analyzed for weeks over what day should be my "last day" at work. What day did I want to close that chapter in my life. After an abundance of analysis and probably too much thought I decided that Friday, April 12th would be my last day. I would give my boss my two-week-notice on Friday, March 29th. Exactly two weeks before April 12th, my last day.

I was so excited! Honey and I had already decided that I would quit my job either when baby number two was on the way, we were moving (courtesy of the Army of course), or Parker turned one. Well two outta three are happening very soon so we began the countdown to me transitioning to a full-time-mommy!

Then a peculiar thing happened. Four days before I was to give my notice, my boss wanted to drive 4+ hours one way to meet with me. Immediately. His email was short. Honey and I analyzed it together. The message was clear. We read between the lines. They were laying me off. My boss would have no reason to drive to meet me in person for any other reason. 

A lay off? That sounded so much better than a quit. Honey and I were intrigued. 

The next day I packed up my work computer and my badge to the office that I hadn't stepped foot inside of in over a year and I headed to the local coffee shop to meet my boss. With my equipment in tow.

When I walked in I spotted him and he introduced me to the man who had accompanied him. The man was from HR. Honey and I were right. On the table lay a folder. I knew what was inside. I began to feel a buzz of excitement.

Their faces were somber. Their tone apologetic. With his head down and after a deep exhale, my boss informed me that the company was eliminating my position. I tried to contain my excitement but I could not possibily wipe the smile from my face. 

I stopped him from going any further. I told him this part of any management job just plain sucked. I reminded him that I'd been in his shoes before at this very company. I also told him and the HR rep that there was no need to make this a depressing conversation. 

I quickly explained that I already knew that was why they had come. I told them I was very happy. I shared that in only four days I was planning to give my notice! But instead of me doing that, they had brought along a folder. And I knew what was in that folder lying on the table. It was my severance package. Lay offs always mean severance packages. And if I'd given my notice any earlier, I wouldn't be getting that. 

My boss looked at me. The HR rep opened his mouth. He closed it again. My boss said - wow, well this is going to be so much better for you!

I tried to say without too much excitement - I KNOW! Let's get started!

Their tones relaxed, the mood instantly lightened. Of course they were happy to have an upbeat conversation about something that is usually tragic! I even unloaded the bag I brought with me containing all of my company-issued computer equipment. My boss looked at me again and said, you weren't kidding, you really did know why we were here. 

Of course I can't disclose any of the details of the severance package and I don't want to. But I am over the moon excited! Honey and I were thrilled with how this unfolded. I loved the years I spent with this company and always thought they were fabulous to work for. They are! And even in the end they treated me wonderfully!

My position was considered a luxury position (not luxury for me - no - luxury for the company). What I provided is deemed as a nice-to-have in a company like the one I worked for but not a necessity. Combine that with my two-years-working-exclusively-from-home-status and it's clear why the position was eliminated.

Once we finished going over the contents of the folder we chit-chatted a while. Turns out the HR rep went to the same college as my husband (West Point), turns out he has friends stationed where we are stationed. I shared our upcoming plans with them and more about why we had already decided that I would leave the company on April 12th. After a few minutes I shook their hands and headed for the door.

And I never looked back.

Honey and I danced around our kitchen that night! Our plan turned out to not be our plan at all! It turned out to be way better than our plan!

Cheers to me trading the laptop and conference calls for snuggles and playtime! Our days will be full as my new eleven-month-old boss and I close this chapter of my life and sharpen our pencils to write the next one!

And this mommy couldn't be happier!


  1. This couldn't have been more perfect!! Way to go Nicole!

    I am taking it you aren't pregnant so where are you off to now?

  2. Congrats! Enjoy spending time with your little one! They're the best bosses around and smiles and giggles are the best sort of payment possible!!

  3. 2 out of the 3? Did I miss something?? So excited for you, that is really wonderful news!


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