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Monday, April 22, 2013

Parker Lately: 11 Month Post

How has it been eleven months since Parker Bear joined our family? Somedays it feels like it was just yesterday that he was born and other days it feels like he has always been a part of our little family.

Just as everyone has told us, it just gets more and more fun! Every day, each little smile, precious laughter, soft snuggle is just sweeter and more precious than the one before.

Here is an eleven month update on our Parker, Lately:

Sleeping: Parker is still sleeping wonderfully with a twelve hour stretch each night and at least 2.5 hours during the day over the course of a morning and afternoon nap. He worried me a week or so ago when he played in his crib instead of napping during his morning nap on two different occasions. I thought he was dropping his morning nap but fortunately it was just an off-day or two.

Eating: Parker Bear continues to be a great eater! He eats lunch and dinner daily and we are starting to include breakfast as well. His meals consist of a fresh pureed vegetable or fruit (usually a sweet potato, banana, avocado or winter squash) which he eats through a mesh feeder, a jar of organic baby food, baby puffs or mum mums, and baby yogurt. He loves to eat and gets very excited at all mealtimes! Parker keeps Honey and I quite entertained.

Nursing: We are still nursing 5 times a day usually at 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 8:30 pm and neither of us have plans to stop any time soon!

Bath: We are finally in the regular bath tub! We slowly graduated from the whale tub and while it was not a totally smooth transition we got there. I had a difficult time keeping water and shampoo off of Parker's face and eyes when I washed his hair. Over the course of a few nights Parker started to cry when he got in the tub which broke my heart. I moved him back to the whale tub where he returned to playing and loving his bath. I knew we'd need help to get him in the big tub and I found the most amazing baby-hair-washing-assistant ever! It's a fabulous visor that every mommy and bathing baby need! (The visor deserves it's own blog post!)

Motor Skills: Parker Bear is so cute working on his fine motor skills! We love to put things of all shapes and sizes in front of him to let him explore with is hands. He likes to test things out with his little mouth too but his hands are his primary tools to experience the world around him. He reaches and grabs anything he can. His favorite thing to do? Turn things! He loves to take any object and turn it over and over again in his little hands. Our boy is not in a hurry to crawl or even roll over! He has however gotten onto all fours (with our assistance) for several minutes! Crawling will happen soon enough I am sure but for now I am happy to keep him contained! 

Social Skills: From his pictures you can see that Parker is a happy, smiley baby. And it's not just for the camera! Parker interacts with anyone who looks at him or speaks to him. He loves to communicate in his own way. If I'm not looking at him and he wants to show me something, he gets my attention! Sometimes by even putting his head exactly in my line of vision. Precious. He loves to smile and his laughter comes easily. At the dinner table he listens to our stories and conversations of the day and frequently offers his own updates or opinions! His doctors continue to comment on his excellent social skills and confirm that he is further ahead in that aspect than most babies his age. 

Milestones: Isn't reaching eleven months enough of a milestone?! The biggest milestone is certainly getting and staying up on all fours. A small victory for us but we're in no hurry to get mobile!

Thanks for reading and caring about our sweet little Parker, Lately.

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