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Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

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It has been a while since I've linked up with Lauren Elizabeth to say High Five for Friday and I have to admit I've missed it!! With so much to say HIGH FIVE for I need this post this week.

1 - First of all, the beach. Ahhh, the beach. If you read my post yesterday then you already know that I've just returned from beach crashing for a week. This trip ended up being so therapeutic for me! The weather was sunny some days and a bit chilly due to wind the other but we didn't mind one bit! It was so great to relax and just enjoy it.

2 - I can't have a high five post go by without mentioning that I had my favorite pizza ever, shrimp pesto pizza. Twice. Oh yum!

3 - Best part of this week? Being reunited with my husband after two weeks!! My love has been working 15-hour days that start around 2 pm and end at 5 am for two weeks, weekends included (can you believe that?!). He is exhausted! And we missed him!

4 - With so much downtime at the beach I got SO MUCH done for Parker Bear's first birthday party!! I can't wait to share more about the plans for his upcoming birthday party soon!

5 - Finally, I blogged every day this week. Every day! That hasn't happened since, well a long time, let's leave it at that. But it feels so good to be back! I hope I can keep this up.

What are you saying High Five to? Happy Friday!


  1. That pizza looks delish!
    Have a great weekend
    stop by some time


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