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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parker Lately: 10 Month Post

I cannot believe I used the TEN MONTH sticker to take Parker Bear’s monthly picture. In the words of  our nanny, Nanny M, he’s in the double digits! In less than two months my baby is turning one year old. So. Hard. To. Believe. I realize that all mommy’s say that, and I’m no different!

Here is our boy, Parker, Lately:

Like the rest of the world we have had quite a run of sickness in our house this winter. From one cold after another to ear infections it has seemed endless. This is unusual because Baby Parker is not in day care and Honey and I aren't usually this sick but somehow this year it has been rough!

Parker just got tubes in his ears last week - more to come on that in a separate post.

Sleeping - Parker is still sleeping 12 hours every night from 9 am to 9 pm and I hope he continues to do this until he is at least eighteen years old! He takes two naps every day. His morning nap is one hour from 11 am to noon and then his afternoon nap is an hour and a half from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. This is his schedule like clockwork! I love it! Having such a consistent routine makes it so easy to plan our days.

Eating - Eating "real" food is going really well! Parker continues to expand his little palette and now enjoys foods that have more substance like baby coucous, baby muesli, and baby oatmeal. He loves "happy puffs" which are like small, soft cherrios but he let us know recently he did not like the spinach flavor. That was the first time he did not like something! I eat a lot of spinach so it's funny to me that he didn't like the spinach puffs! His "pincher" grasp is improving all the time and we love watching him learn how to use his fine motor skills.

Nursing - Parker is still nursing five times a day and like his naps are very consistent! He nurses at 9 am upon waking, at noon immediately after his morning nap, at 3 ish, at 5:30 upon waking from his afternoon nap and at 8:45 just before bed. He doesn't try to nurse any other time and the schedule works so well for both of us since we both know exactly what to expect.

Bath - Parker has graduated a little bit and we no longer have the infant insert in his whale tub! Since he is sitting on his own so well now he can just sit in the whale tub without the additional support of the infant insert. I am hoping to move him to a regular bath soon but am concerned about him slipping on the slippery bath tub bottom!

Motor Skills - Parker's fine motor skills are amazing us every day! He LOVES to make "music" with his toys by finding one that rattles when he shakes it or by hitting two toys together. He can pick up small puffs with his pincher grasp and put them straight into his mouth. We have enjoyed watching him improve his skills every day! Recently Parker got a little maraca toy and he absolutely loves to shake it to hear it make "music". He also loves an audience and gets super excited when he sees that we are watching him and cheering for his music!

Social - Parker Bear is such a social little guy! He smiles at everyone who speaks to him or smiles at him! I had an opportunity to see just how social Parker is when we went to a KinderMuzik class a couple of weeks ago. While the other babies were already crawling and pulling up, they didn't smile or "talk" to anyone who spoke to them. Parker was quite the opposite. While he isn't trying to move and is totally content to sit where I place him, he smiled and even attempted to talk to the other babies and mommies! His peditracian was right! I was so pleased to have a chance to experience just how social our little baby boy is. He might not be crawling around the floor but he is one social baby!

Milestones - As I mentioned above, our little one is not crawling or pulling up but he facinates us with how fast he is learning and changing and growing! He is so alert and observant. He does not miss a thing! We are always laughing at how we can't get anything by him. Something he is doing now that we love is looking around whatever may be in his way to see something. He will get a curious look on his face and lean so far to one side to try and see whatever he hears. It is too cute! He continues to impress us with how he holds things and turns things. He will turn something in his hands over and over again. He loves to touch everything he can and it is so sweet to watch his little face study new things. 

Parker Bear continues to bring such joy and light into our lives every day! He is quick to laugh, loves to cuddle, and finds such a profound happiness in every part of his life. We are loving every minute with our precious baby boy and look forward to what each day with him with bring!


  1. He is such a ham!! I adore his chubby arms and legs. I want C to get some of his own; we are working on it.

    I hope his is feeling better after his tubes. I hate that for him but know in the long run he will be much better.

    Is there a reason why he isn't pulling up or crawling yet? Is is something to do with being premature? Just curious. I ask because I like to know Connor is okay with his abilities and it's helpful to know what other babies are doing or not.


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