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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Parker Lately

Well our eleven and a half month old has been very busy lately! I totally forgot to mention in Parker's eleven month update post that this happened:

Yes, our little boy has been up on all fours a few times! We have assisted him as he gets into this position but once there he has been able to hold it for a few minutes. This is huge! We are so excited about thismilestone!

Another exciting tid bit is that our little love recently learned to clap! This is exciting for Parker because he absolutely loves it when someone claps. He even loves to hold onto our hands and clap them for us.So when he learned to do it on his own it was pretty big!

It was especially exciting because Honey and I were together the very first time Parker ever clapped on his own! Since then Parker has been clapping up a storm. We have even watched him through the video monitor in his crib clapping away.

So. Cute.

On a related note it’s pretty amazing what fools we makeover ourselves as we celebrate these fun milestones in Parker’s life! There isnothing like being a parent.


  1. Oh sweet Parker, you're really growing too fast now! What a fun and exciting time.


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