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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Very Rainy 4th of July

This year for the Fourth of July we went to Honey's family's lake house on Lake Mitchell in Alabama. It started raining as we pulled into the driveway on Wednesday and did't stop until late Sunday morning. It was a very wet weekend!

We spent a lot of time indoors so Parker got plenty of play time. We did get to go swimming with Cash Dog a time or two when the rain let up for a few minutes. We also took Parker to the nearby Bass Pro so he could see the fish in their huge fish tank. And so that Honey could get a few more fishing lures. 

Here is our very, very rainy 4th of July weekend in pictures: 

My most favorite picture of the weekend - Parker's first time in a life jacket

Playing with the jeep that belonged to Honey when he was a little boy:

So excited about playing with Goose from "Duck & Goose", his favorite book series:

Getting loved on by big cousin Ella Grace:

Little family:

And of course our attempt at a cousin photo shoot - 

Parker Bear with Baby Cousin, Shipp:

And all 5 cousins:


We did not get to go on too many boat rides this time around but we made the most of the ones we had!

We also celebrated our birthdays with Honey's family and Parker Bear LOVED getting some ice cream! (Apparently I also recorded a the family conversation in the back ground between Uncle Rush, Uncle Joey and Aunt Kristin!)

Aside from the rain we had a great weekend with family. It's hard to believe we won't be back this way for a very long time! It was wonderful to rest up for the BIG LONG drive to Kansas...

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th as well!

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