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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Picture Dump

Just a few pictures of our life lately...

Bed Head!

Sweet Summer Shoes

Partners in Crime

Catching up on some reading. Yes, that's our air mattress. Fortunately we were only on that for one night... Moving ain't for the faint of heart folks!

Speaking of moving, this has been my life lately

But I did learn that I'm not ready to part with this guy. (Ugly glass say whaaa?)

And Parker Bear learned that he loves to swing!

Cash found a perfect look out spot

And we have very welcoming neighbors

Baby Parker has learned to wave

And he loves big trucks (typical boy!)

I can't resist snapping sleepy pictures

He's been an excellent helper!

And we've already been taking advantage of the pool!

Post swim hair, my favorite kind of hair!

He was playing "where's Parker" with me - rare shot of him on his side

Oh and we learned he's a carnivore!

And we learned that we never need to buy toys again. As long as we have daddy's tools!


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