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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Visiting My Family's History

Today I am celebrating MY BIRTHDAY with my little family!! So I decided that this post was most appropriate to share today, on my birthday. 

One week ago today I had such an amazing experience: I got to visit a building in downtown Kansas City that is a part of my family history.

Between 1880-1890 my grandfather's grandparents (my great-great-grandparents) immigrated to the United States from Germany. They moved to Kansas City and established a grocery store named after them: Artmaier's Grocery. Their family lived in the apartment located directly above the store as many business owners did back in those days!

I have seen this picture my entire life. It has hung in my family's home for as long as I can remember. It is a picture of my ancestors in front of their store, Artmaier's Grocery.

The buiding is located at 333 Broadway Street. So Honey and I looked it up and went there on our first full day in Kansas. What did we find? We found a fabulous clean-eating, gluten-free, restaurant in it's place: Cafe Gratitude!

The original front - the windows haven't changed a bit!

We were so excited to see the inside and we were not disappointed! It is clear that so much of the original building has been restored. From the beautiful wood ceiling to the exposed brick walls to the gorgeous original flooring, the building was *stunning*!

I have to wonder about this old stain in the floor. Perhaps from a piece of machinery in the grocery that kept the cold foods cold?

Baby Parker posed with each of us before lunch:

We loved finding these old wooden shelving supports in between the bricks. 

From this picture of the inside of the store the shelving is clearly visible!

The food was out of this world! Even for Honey who was happy to discover the building with me but was not exactly sure about such a "clean" meal, had to admit that his food was excellent!

Honey had the black bean tacos and I had the "raw" lasagna:

We followed our meal with dairy-free milk shakes and an almond butter cup!

Parker had a great time at lunch and loved showing everyone how he could shake his toy!

I was able to show the cafe manager the original pictures of the building and she was so moved to hear the story! She is putting me in touch with the current owners - who also live upstairs - so that we can connect and they can get copies of the original photos. 

We loved visiting this piece of my family's history and having a fabulous meal as well! I am quite sure I'll be seeing a lot of Cafe Gratitude while I'm here in Kansas City!

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