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Friday, July 5, 2013

Big Day in Music City

I am so behind on updating our blog so please bear with me! I have some cute posts coming up including Parker's First Birthday Bash and our yearly trip to the beach with my family!

It's been a busy couple of months and we are officially "homeless" as we move from Tennessee to Kansas! Before we left our home in Tennessee we spent a day as tourists in our own city of Nashville. We had so much fun exploring some of the beautiful sights Nashville has to offer. Of course there is so much more to do than we could pack into a single day but here is a review in pictures of our super fun day in Music City!

First up was a visit to Nashville's Parthenon. It is an exact replica of the original in Greece. We could not go inside since it is closed on Monday's (huge bummer!) but we enjoyed walking around it. It was huge!

Next we had lunch at a lovely little find called Taco Mamacita's. Delicious food, fabulous drinks, and super hip decor. We had a great lunch there!

Of course Parker had to show us how BIG he was after lunch:

That afternoon we went to the Historic Ryman Theatre where all the greats played. From Hank Williams, Jr, to Johnny Cash, to Minnie Pearl, and Patsy Cline, we stood in the very spot they once did!

Next we walked over to the Country Music Hall of Fame where we each tried on some of Nashville's greatest fashion trends in the gift shop!

The Country Music Hall of Fame was impressive!

Afterwards we had a few minutes to walk down Nashville's Broadway Street where all the "Honky Tonk's" are! On any given night you just might see a surprise performance by one of country or rock music's latest chart toppers. They often put on performances to try out new songs or get an audience reaction!

That evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants: Cabana! We ate dinner outside under the "Cabana" and enjoyed every delicious bite!

It was a great ending to a lovely day in Nashville!

We will miss our Tennessee home so much when we move to Kansas! Living in Tennessee has been such a wonderful experience for our little family. We will always treasure our time here!

Until next time Music City!

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  1. J and I went to Nashville for NYE 2012 and I loved it. There is so much to do and see. It was one of my favorite weekend getaways with him.


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