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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh Hello July

It is so hard to believe that the first six months of 2013 are behind us now! I hope that the second half of the year is not nearly as fast as the first.

July is a big month for us this year. Not only is it my birthday month (whoo-hoo!) but it is also the month that we will make the big move to Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. Here is how July is going to shake out for the Snowden's...

First to back up to the end of June, we left our home in Tennessee on Wednesday, June 26th. I'll be posting about our last few days in Tennessee soon! We stayed in a hotel that first night (since our home was empty!) and the next day we drove down to Atlanta to spend several days with my family, then headed to Lake Mitchell near Birmingham, Alabama to spend the holiday weekend with Honey's family. I can't wait to post about our time with family as well!

We are enjoying a very, very rainy Fourth of July weekend, is there any place where it is NOT raining this weekend?

On Monday, July 8th we will head out and spend the next two days driving to Kansas. Since we will be in two cars, Honey will lead the way and Parker, Cash, and I will follow. 

So the short story is that we will drive to Kansas, select our on-post housing, stay in a hotel until our household goods arrive (about one week), then move into our home, then unpack. That will pretty much take us through July. Oh and Honey starts his first class during the last week of the month.

It will be interesting living on Ft. Leavenworth - or living "on post" as army-types say. We have heard how wonderful it is and that it is like stepping back in time, like a Norman Rockwell setting

The housing selection process sounds a bit like an Army version of House Hunters! From what I understand when we arrive on post, we will go to the housing office where we will obtain the keys to a handful of available homes in the neighborhood we have been pre-selected for. Then we will check out each of the available homes and make our selection. Just like House Hunters... Once we have an address, we can inform the moving company who will then get us in line to have our goods delivered. 

Although after two weeks on the road we are more than ready to get to where we will call HOME, we are also looking forward to our first week in Kansas. Even though we will spend that first week living in a hotel suite, we are excited about getting to know the surroundings and exploring all there is to do nearby.

Since my dad's family is originally from Kansas, I am looking forward to experiencing some of my family's history as well.

So hello July - you look like you are going to be a busy month full of exciting changes!


  1. Eek, such an exciting month for you guys! Have a safe trip and enjoy Kansas!

  2. So much change! I love it!
    And when you say living on post and Army housing, I envision Army Wives. Have you ever watched the show? If so, you must tell me how true to life it is!


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