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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mommy's Birthday

Another year older... another year wiser...? Eh, not too sure about the second part but I do know another year has gone by and I celebrated another birthday!

It's so hard to believe that two years ago I was celebrating as a newlywed by two months, then last year I was celebrating as a mommy of two and a half months, and now this year I am celebrating while in the midst of M O V I N G to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. 

Last Year

What in the world will next year bring?

Well this year after spending a week at an extended-stay-hotel-condo-place (talk about being ready to leave!!) we got the keys to our house on post at Ft. Leavenworth on my birthday!! 

While that is super-duper exciting it also meant that the day was spent signing the lease, arriving at our "new" house, getting Parker Bear squared away for his afternoon nap, unloading two packed SUV's, tending to Cash Dog who was so excited to be out of that hotel - weren't we ALL - figuring out what to do about dinner, inflating our air mattress, and setting up "camp" for the night. Yes, I am sure you are jealous of the glamorous life this Army Wife leads...

Fortuantely we decided to celebrate my birthday the previous night so that the focus would be on the birthday girl we wouldn't be to tired to miss out on any of the fun!

We went out for a sushi dinner - where I spilled the last of my red wine all over my dress,  a trick I learned from my mom - and ice cream, then headed back to hell the hotel to open cards and presents.

The hotel wasn't that bad. It was just that after 7 days in a smallish space we were Ready. To. Go. I am thankful that the hotel had a kitchen (no oven), ample storage room, a bedroom with a door so we could use the living room as a separate room, allowed dogs, and was in a great area with lots to do. However, 7 days is a long time to stay there. Even with all of that. 

But I digress, here is what we all looked like the night we celebrated my birthday!

Ready to go!

Face he makes when ice cream isn't coming fast enough:

Despite being on the road and "technically" homeless, my husband did all he could to make my birthday such a fun celebration with my favorite people! 

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  1. What a sweet husband you have!! You have had some exciting birthdays the last couple of years. Maybe it's time to slow down!


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