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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Exploring our Home Away From Home

Exploring our (temporary) home away from our (old) home while we wait for our (new) home...

When we first arrived in Kansas we picked out our house on post at Fort Leavenworth immediately but had to wait one week before we could move in as the house had to go through the typical get-the-house-ready-stuff.

During that one-week that felt like forever wait, we stayed in a nearby town. Fort Leavenworth is about 25 minutes north of Kansas City. (Remember I'm a southerner. We don't do miles to explain distance, we do minutes.) But we were not able to stay in a hotel on Fort Leavenworth so we stayed inside Kansas City. 

It was perfect because we needed to get the heck outta our hotel rooms at least once a day. Kansas City has so much to offer! We had a great time exploring the new world around us. 

I absolutely could not wait to go visit the building where my ancestors once lived and worked! You can read more about that here:

KC has a small but wonderful aquarium downtown. Parker Bear LOVED looking at the fish:

And he got to touch a starfish in the touch pool too:

Any meals that were consumed in our hotel room were eaten picnic-style on the floor. Parker thought it was great!

Honey and I got to take advantage of some outlet shopping. Parker got to take advantage of a nap.

It's pretty hot here so we went to the pool as often as we could. After Parker got his sunscreen on we learned the pool was an indoor pool. Oops.

The pool was a great place to practice standing and cruising!

There was an outdoor slide; Parker just like sitting at the bottom of that:

We also spent some time with friends of ours who had already moved out here!

We went with two other couples (who are also here for one-year for the same reason we are) and their babies to a local winery for a picnic dinner in the vineyard and live jazz music. It was such a good time!

We also met up with our former next door neighbors who are non-army but transferred out to Kansas City a year ago. Small World Coincidence! 

We took in a museum exhibit, PIRATES, at Union Square, which was once the train station in Kansas City. 

The building was historical and beautiful. And HUGE.

The pirates exhibit was extremely interesting, showcasing hundreds of artifacts recovered from a pirate shipwreck off the coast of Cape Cod in the 1800's. We were so busy looking at everything that we forgot to take any pictures!

We did see the official Idaho Potato on tour in the parking lot for what it's worth...

Near our hotel there was a Cabela's Outdoor Store and it had it's own aquarium inside! Once again our little water baby loved seeing the fish there:

After all the fun we had exploring our (temporary) home away from our (old) home, it was finally time to go to our (new) home. So we packed up the babies and headed... home. 

I can't wait to blog about our moving-in experience and the huge task of making this house our home.

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  1. WOW! Look at him standing up!! How exciting! And cruising too?! I can't wait to see a video of that!


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