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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life's a Beach

This post? Has been sitting on my computer for a month! Ay! We went to the beach in mid-June and as soon as we came home we had only one week until the moving company descended upon our lives. Instead of sharing about our beach trip back then, I updated the blog occasionally with the business of our move from Tennessee to Kansas.

So never mind about that. The important thing to remember here is that Parker Bear got to go on three beach trips in less than one year! He's a seasoned beach-goer at this point.

You might remember that we took our annual-family-trip-to-the-beach last August when he was only 3 months old, then he and I crashed my parents beach trip in April, and now again he went on this trip in June. I hope he doesn't grow up to expect three beach trips in less than a year!

While we usually go in August, my whole family graciously agreed to move the trip up to June this year. Since we moved to Kansas in July it would have made it difficult for us to have come to the beach in August. Certainly since Honey is attending school here. So June worked great this year!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our trip. Uh, you might should grab another cup of coffee, this is a picture-heavy post!

After an 11-hour drive that took longer with required stops and traffic, first order of business was getting our toes in the sand and the wind in our hair!

This is my whole family! Even though everyone thinks that my parents have two daughters, Aunt L is my sis in law and Uncle R is my little brother:

Parker loved the beach and wasn't bothered at all by the sand, thankfully!

Every morning Parker was all smiles to get to go outside every waking hour of the day. Our boy loves being outdoors!

Cash Dog had a great time with his brother Truman!

The boys stayed busy helping build sand castles. I learned from my nephew Lil D that the purpose of building sand castles is to promptly knock them over. I did not know that! So I am very thankful that he taught me that important beach lesson.

Assistant Sand Castle Builder. She was in charge of supervision.

This beach trip marked Parker's first time in a pool. The beach house had it's own pool so it was a perfect way to introduce him to it. He LOVED it!

Oh and Cash Dog did too...

With the wonderful weather we had and a lovely deck looking over our beach-backyard, outside was clearly the only place to have lunch!

And have a little post-lunch playtime (while Mommy quickly cleaned up)

Probably the best part for the kiddos? Playing on the beach! Cousin time (when we could get it between naps) was so much fun!

I absolutely adore this picture!!

Parker Bear loved playing with everyone!

And I did too!

Sweet beach baby!

I'm pretty sure he was telling me about the sand castle we were going to build next...

Beach time is always a priority on our family trips. I mean we can't go to the beach at home right? So we have to make the most of it while we're there!

Cash and Truman were in heaven!

With Parker still taking two naps a day, he had plenty of time to get wrapped up in his adorable hoddie towels!

Even though he was tuckered out at nap time, he would still take advantage of his new found skill of sitting like this:

Oh and it turns out this beach house (which was not the one we normally stay in) only had one bath tub! The other bathrooms, including ours, had gorgeous tiled, glassed, showers so Parker got a special treat: Baby Hot Tub in the kitchen sink! I loved bathing him in the sink. Not only is it totally adorable but also much easier on the back. Sheesh!

Honey and I celebrated our birthday's with my family too! So much fun to be able to celebrate together. 

It's also great to get so much "help" from the littles when opening our presents!

The boys got to go fishing on Uncle R's boat two of the days we were there. Uncle R caught a fish that was almost as tall as Baby R! I love that she's touching it.

It was such a great trip! Made even better since we knew that we were off to Kansas less than a month after the beach trip. Such sweet memories were made and we cannot wait to do it again next year!

(See Parker in between us? He got in the ocean too!)

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  1. Connor has a floaty similar to P's. Makes hot pool days easier to handle with some of the shade being blocked.


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