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Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy Crock Pot Dinner: Tortellini & Meatball Soup

Who doesn’t love easy crock pot recipes that are pleasing to everyone in the family? I have loved making a delicious meatball tortellini soup ever since I discovered it on fabulous mom blogger I Love You More Than Carrots blog.

The complete recipe can be found here: Tortellini & Meatball Soup

The only change I have made is to add a bit more broth. I keep an eye on it while it’s cooking away and add broth as needed to make it a bit more soup-y.
I have made this soup a few times to the praises of my meatball loving husband! I find that it makes quite a bit so we usually have it for dinner and then I save it to eat again for a weekend lunch. And even after that, I am still able to freeze the leftovers to pull out when I need something quick and easy. Which at this point is often.



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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing. I used to make one similar to this that didn't go over so well (I was the only one that liked it), but I'll have to give this one a try.


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