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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kansas U Football Game: A Catch Up Post

You know what goes with college football and road trips? Lederhosen. At least that was the case for our college football-roadtrip in October...

While we are here at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for Honey to complete a master's level program required of him by the Army, my ambitious husband is also getting a separate master's degree from nearby Kansas University.

Since he is a student at KU we headed out watch them in a college football game! The main campus is located 2-hours away so we decided to make a weekend out of it. It would be Parker's second college football game since he went to a game at West Point in 2012 when he was 5 months old!

A gentleman that my husband flew with when he was stationed in Germany, lives near the school and was having an Octoberfest party at his house before the big game. (That's where the Lederhosen came in…) Here is a review in pictures of our weekend and Parker's second college football game!

We got there around dinner time and went immediately to fill our bellies and then to bed! We had a big day coming up!
The next morning, Parker was appropriately dressed!
First stop was the Octoberfest Brew-Ha-Ha! The german food was quite good! My husband was an old pro at naming the dishes. It was all new to me...
I didn't get any pictures of the party scene but there were several gents dressed in full German attire! They were even drinking from authentic beer steins. For a minute I really felt like I was in Germany!

Parker was unsure about this new cuisine...
Finally it was game time!
Parker had a great time! He watched some of the game, played with his truck on the bleachers, snuggled with me and eventually, took his afternoon nap!
Even though KU lost, we had such a great time together!
We were so exhausted that night that we just ordered take out and got comfy. A great way to end a fun weekend making memories in Kansas!


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