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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Silent Sunday

We are home. WE ARE HOME!! It feels so incredibly wonderful to be home. To have our family under one roof. But more on that later… Since today is Silent Sunday, I am posting a few pictures from our last week in the NICU…

Baby Grant has been opening his eyes much more these days. He's taking in the world around him!
But post bath he looked very concerned:
What I looked forward to so much: napping with Parker on the days he visited!
 What Parker looked forward to: playing on the hospital bed:

And eating the free chocolate ice cream!

Sweet Grant can hold onto that paci!

 It was so special when my Honey was at the hospital with me and we get to love on our baby together.
 It is hard to remember how small a 5 pound baby really is until you see him next to a newborn outfit! It comes down way past his knees. Here he is pictured with a premie outfit and a newborn outfit:
Parker has been having a ball at home with Twinkle! He went to play group, play dates, and played outside in his "wheels"!
My little peanuts. How did I get so lucky?!
 This week we had three visitors and two care packages! One had something for both boys (and mommy too!). Thank you Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Ryan, David and Rachael! I love this sequence of Parker opening everything:
Grant will need these and I love that homemade granola!
We are so very thankful to be HOME! Now to find our new normal, our new balance, as a family of four!


  1. I'm so glad you all liked the care package! :) I couldn't be happier that Grant is now at home and life can really begin for y'all as a family of four. Oh boy, is it going to be FUN!!

  2. I hope you are all settling in nicely at home =)
    You have lots of fun adventures ahead of you.

  3. It's so great to see you are all, FINALLY, under the same roof!


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