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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter we had! It was Parker's second Easter and Baby Grant's first. Of course Grant slept through most of it but Parker had a great time!

We kicked off the holiday with a visit to the Easter Bunny. Parker, who loves bunnies already, had absolutely no fear of the big bunny. He waved to the Easter Bunny and couldn't wait to get a closer look. When I placed him in the bunny's lap Parker just smiled so big and couldn't have been happier! (If only he was that excited about Santa Claus!!
Our fun neighbors hosted a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt for the kiddos on our street. There were seven children but only two under two. The "big kids" were so sweet about hunting eggs further back in the field and letting the babies get the eggs that were right up front. Parker loved spotting eggs and putting them in his basket! We had such a fun time!
When we got home Parker Bear checked out his loot!
The night before Easter we dyed our Easter eggs. We let Parker help us and he was pretty into it. He really liked "stirring" the eggs in the dye.
On Easter morning we finished up breakfast and then showed Parker that the Easter bunny had come and left surprises for he and Baby Grant in their Easter baskets! He loved going through his basket, stopping to play or read each gift. After he had seen everything in his basket, he helped Baby Grant open his basket too!
The rest of the day was spent playing with the new toys, eating some good Easter food, and of course playing outside enjoying this wonderful spring weather that has finally found Kansas. It was a great Easter!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday as well!



  1. Look how tiny Grant is in M's arms?! Oh my goodness. I melt. I love the idea of a night time hunt with glow sticks. Happy 1st Easter as a family of 4!

  2. What a fabulous Easter! And, the Easter Bunny isn't a creepy one! :)

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    Easter is another motivation to celebrate and to be thankful for the revival of Jesus Christ, our guardian angel. Have a happy Easter!


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