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Friday, April 11, 2014

Finding Our Tennessee Home

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were in Tennessee for a week playing house hunters, looking for the perfect home for our family to live in when we return to the south in a few months. It feels like it was so long ago, of course, because that was the week before little Grant Henry made his debut!

We returned home from our trip on Saturday evening and Grant was born the very next day on Sunday evening, March 23rd! Thank God he waited until we were back at home!!

Even though it feels like it was ages ago, it has only been three weeks since we were there. Buying a house! Parker, our little road tripper, was all smiles as we headed down the road. The drive should be 8 hours but of course we had traffic, potty breaks (traveling with a pregnant lady!), and diaper changes. We drove 6 hours the first day and then three the next. These two were wonderful backseat companions!
How many bags does it take for a family of three plus a dog? Don't answer that...
When we were finally settled into our hotel suite we got to playing with trucks immediately. Here Parker is making his "truck sounds"...
Each morning we had breakfast in our hotel room:
And then we took off to look at houses. And we saw A LOT of houses!
To be honest, it was exhausting! (Aren't they twins in this picture?!)
After looking at houses for days, we narrowed it down to a final two. For such decisive people, Honey and I could. not. decide. which house we wanted to make an offer on. We finally concluded that one house was low risk - the owner would probably accept our offer quickly - but the other one, was riskier - we felt it might be harder to get everything we wanted.

So since we had a back up plan, we decided to go with the riskier house, and make an offer. After all, if they rejected our offer - or wanted more money - then we could just go back to the low risk house and call it a day! We truly loved both homes equally.

The house we made an offer on was new construction but we wanted quite a bit more done than they were planning to do. We wanted a circle driveway, stamped concrete, all granite counters (they were planning granite only in the kitchen and master bath), sod in the backyard, more hardwood floors, gas stove, double vanity in the boys bath, just to name a few. Our agent suggested that we put every single one of our wishes in the contract. That way if the builder wanted to negotiate, we could strike the things that didn't matter too much to us.

To our absolute amazement, our offer was accepted as is! They agreed to everything we wanted and we found ourselves under contract with this house:
It's not much to see right now:
But it has everything we wanted! The house is four bedrooms, with three full baths, a big bonus room, great outdoor patio, big yard, spacious garage, master on main, and a keeping room off of the kitchen.  We love the floor plan and can't wait to see it all finished!
Because it is new construction, we were able to pick out all the extra details! We spent the next day running between different shops to pick the paint, front door and garage door, indoor and outdoor lighting, appliances, flooring, and granite.  
It made for a whirlwind trip and one that we will never forget! We had so much fun shopping for houses and picking the one that is just perfect for our family. Then we had a great time shopping for all the finishing touches and meeting with the builder to go over decisions he needed made and finalizing all the extra details.

I don't think anyone was happier than these two! 
It feels great to own a home in Tennessee again, right where we belong. For now. The route we left on brought us right back…

"I miss my Tennessee home; I've been away way too long. I can't see this world unless I go, outside my southern comfort zone."
- b.p.



  1. I'm not sure how y'all managed to stay all smiles girlfriend. We house hunted 5hrs away when our daughter was 7 months old and it was a complete nightmare each time we made the weekend trip to hunt. So happy y'all found exactly what y'all were looking for!

  2. WOW! You packed a LOT into your house hunting trip (including luggage).
    Your new home looks beautiful, and can't wait to see it when you are all moved in!

  3. I can't wait to see the house completed and your finishing touches put on it with your wonderful decorating talent.

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