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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Day Big Brother Parker Discovered Baby Grant

Yesterday Baby Grant turned one month old! Even though he has already been a part of our family for thirty days, he (and I) have only been home from the hospital for 10-days. Big Brother Parker has been such a trooper during this transition and through all of the irregularity lately. For the most part it has seemed like Parker has hardly even noticed that Grant is even here…

Until yesterday. When Parker "discovered" Baby Grant and then played a little game with him! It was adorable and I took maybe a million pictures of them together. Fortunately I'm only sharing a few hundred here!

My mom, Twinkle, was burping Baby Grant and Parker came over to check out what was going on. He "helped" burp Grant:

Then we asked if he wanted to kiss his little brother:

Well that started a game Parker made up where he pretended to kiss Baby Grant, then walked to the end of the couch, then came back to pretend to kiss him again. Laughing the whole way of course! He did it over and over again. He LOVED it!
Most of my pictures look like these because Parker was in constant motion!
But I somehow managed to get a few of him playing:
Once we took Baby Grant's bib off, Parker found the moon and stars on Grant's outfit. (Parker is very into suns, moons, and stars right now.)
We also took a few minutes to identify Grant's body parts that Parker knows like "hair":
And shortly after that Parker got SO excited he could hardly contain himself! It was quite funny. I was so proud of him though because he was still so gentle with Baby Grant:
Parker Bear even showed his little brother how to make funny faces:
My heart was so full watching them "play" and interact together! I never ever want to forget these precious moments as Parker learns about becoming a big brother!
Oh and did he ever actually kiss him? Well, almost. This is as close as he got!
Such a sweet big brother! I am so proud of our Parker Bear!

And because I never want to forget this day, the day that Parker "discovered" his little brother, I'm including a 30-second video of these two playing this "game"...



  1. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest! I can only imagine how full your heart is!

  2. This is so cute!!! He is going to be an amazing big brother =)

  3. Precious!


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