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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Ahead

Busy. I nominate "busy" as the word of the year for 2014. If “selfie” was the word of the year for 2013 then “busy” should be a 2014 shoe-in. Am I right?

Everyone is always so busy. I don’t know about you but our busy-ness often feels like an avalanche, growing and growing as it picks up speed marching ahead hand in hand with time. Does this sound familiar? We are all so busy.

I thought last spring was busy with me leaving my job of 5 years, planning Parker’s first birthday  “day” and first birthday "party", hosting a string of family and guests weekend after weekend, going on a family vacation, fitting in a few weekend get-a-ways, and moving across the country. However, this spring? This spring may have that one beat. By a long shot.

If I can even stand to see it all in print in front of me, here is a run down of our upcoming Spring 2014!

We’re Having a Baby – April March
Make that, we HAD a baby! Which as wonderful as that is means that everything we do this spring will be done with a newborn! That just adds to the excitement doesn't it?!

Easter – April.
We’re excited about celebrating Parker’s second Easter this year and although I’d love to make a big Easter lunch for our family we’ll just have to see what Baby Grant is up to at that point and if we're home from the NICU in time. I do have Grant's Easter basket and goodies for both boys stashed away already. 

Close on our house – April.
We close on our *new* Tennessee home at the end of April. Honey is hoping to fly "home" to attend the closing and walk through in person. Hopefully his busy school schedule will allow that while I hold down the fort with the two babies. Yikes!

Parker’s Birthday – May.
Parker is turning TWO on a Monday. We love to celebrate birthday’s around here so we will certainly make this birthday extra special with a cake and balloons and fun all around for our little family. Our little family of four!

Honey’s Graduation #1 – May.
Honey will graduate with his Master’s Degree from Kansas University. So excited for him and this BIG accomplishment!

Parker’s Birthday Party – May.
We are so looking forward to Parker’s second birthday party this year! Although I was trying to plan it before Baby Grant made his debut we couldn't make it work on the calendar. But it will be so fun having Parker’s new little brother there!

Honey’s Graduation #2 – June.
Honey is also graduating from Command General Staff College, you know, the whole reason we are even in Kansas to begin with. This school is required for him and when he’s done will reward him with a masters degree specifically for military people. I am super proud of him! It's been a lot of work!

Move Out – June.
Days after Honey graduates, the movers show up to spend two-to-three days packing up our home. Then the truck arrives and everything is loaded on board. We will “camp out” in our home for about 3 more days while the house is professionally cleaned and inspected and then we will hit the road and bid adieu to Kansas!

Move In – June.
We’ll take a day or two to drive from Kansas to Tennessee, with a toddler, and a newborn, and a dog, and a nursing mommy, and… well you get the picture. We will arrive in Tennessee and once again “camp out” in our home. Fortunately this time we will only camp at home for one night and then our truck will bring our furniture and the move in process will begin.

And then? It’s July.

I think that about covers our spring 2014. I’m exhausted just writing it all out. I hope to be blogging about it all along the way but for now? I'd better go lay down!



  1. Holy smokes. I'm winded just reading all your events and activities coming up!!
    I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

  2. Oh boy, does this ever sound like our life right now! Our April calendar looks like an entire pack of markers exploded on it and May, June, and July aren't much different. I love my crazy, busy life though.

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