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Monday, April 14, 2014

Parker Takes His First Steps

Ever since we found out we were pregnant with Baby Grant we became very focused on Parker learning how to be mobile. I knew it would be impossible to carry two babies around! We were already involved in Physical Therapy and were so excited when Parker crawled on October 27th at seventeen months old.

Here is a short video of him crawling for the very first time. Funny story: I was washing dishes and heard a new sound coming from the play area. Honey was reading on the couch and I asked him what that sound was. He looked up and said - "It's Parker, he's CRAWLING!" And we instantly got it on video… (The sound I heard was his hands hitting the carpet with each crawl.)
After that the focus changed to getting him to walk. And if you're a regular reader you know about Parker's Wheels and how much they have helped... Not to mention how much fun we have had with them!
Well, on Thursday, April 10th, exactly two days before Grant came home from the NICU, Parker took his first steps unassisted! Here is a quick (7 second) video of his very first steps:
Since then we have practiced walking with him every chance we get! We are so excited about this big step for our Parker Bear and can't wait to see where those precious steps lead our boy!



  1. Love this!! Seeing your baby crawl and walk after so much PT is the best sight to see. Enjoy this fun new mobile chapter!!

  2. SO incredibly exciting!! Now he can really give you a run for your money. :)


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