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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Twinkle

One of the best parts about having my mom here to help me transition from one-to-two-with-the-second-one-being-a-preemie is that she was here over her BIRTHDAY!! It was so fun to be able to celebrate her birthday in person.
We have a history of being together over our birthday's not because we plan it but because it just seems to work out that way for us time and time again. Which makes for some fun memories!
To celebrate "Twinkle", Parker Bear took her to his play group in the morning, and we celebrated with a good dinner and cake and ice cream and presents that evening!

First up… the cake! We made our favorite preservative-free "clean" chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!
Parker was ready to dig in!
We ate that with some good chocolate ice cream. Parker loved every spoonful!
And then we opened presents. Parker was a great help!
He even showed Twinkle how to wear her new beach hat:
It was a great day and so much fun celebrating the woman who has given selflessly of herself to help our family through this transition in our lives.



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