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About Us

Hi! I’m Nicole, the writer behind Suddenly Snowden. I’m a happily married thirty-something mommy to one big puppy dog and one sweet baby boy. This is my little corner of the internet where I blog about our charmed little existence as a growing American family.

This blog mostly chronicles the life and times of the Snowden Family which consists of these characters:

Honey, my incredible husband who in addition to flying attack helicopters at high speed all over the world, manages to help me with dishes, throw the ball for our puppy, play cars and trucks on the floor with our son, all while sweeping me off my feet daily. You can read about how he flew me across state lines to attend a ball (did you know people still attend balls?) for our first date here.

Cash Dog, our ever-loving, gentleman of an all around good dog who came to this family with me but has a way of stealing the heart of all he meets. Honey included. For more on Cash Dog check out the Furbabies page. 

And of course the real star of the show, Parker James, also known as Parker Bear. Parker’s conception was a bit of a welcomed surprise but nothing compared to his surprise apperance 6 weeks prior to his due date. Despite the surprises he gave us early on, his life has remained relatively drama free ever since! He is such a sweet, happy, personable little guy and we absolutely love him to pieces. He also has his own page if you want to read more about him!

As for me? I’m just living the dream as a formerly independent career oriented, single home owning, lady turned happy as can be wife and full-time mommy. It all happened quite suddenly actually as became something I refer to as becoming Suddenly Snowden!

So grab a mug of hot tea or a glass of your favorite vino and stick around for a while! Be sure to join my site so we can connect and stay in touch!

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  1. This is neat, Nicole. I love to're inspiring...maybe I'll blog someday. -Melanie Clodfelter Brickey


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