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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And Just Like That We Have a Name

Well not exactly just like that. It wasn't that easy. But he has a name; he has a name!!

Just like our last pregnancy, Honey and I agreed to wait to get serious about names until we knew the gender. And just like last time around when we were coming up with Parker's name, Honey and I have been very agreeable on names again. Thankfully!

But also, just like last time, when we get our favorites, we tend to stick there. And have trouble deciding which is our most favorite of our favorite names.

This time around our favorite name and our second favorite name came together to create Baby Boy Snowden #2's name.
Grant. Grant Henry. We can't say it enough! Baby Grant. We love saying it and we love hearing it! And of course I love seeing it and can't wait to get my hands on his first monogrammed items!
Why these names? Well, they are just favorite names that won out over our other favorite names. When we found out we were having a boy we revisited the name list that we used to narrow down Parker's name (of course I still had it!). But as it turns out none of our favorites then were contenders now. We were happy to let those names go and let them remain a part of our process to name Parker. 
So we had to come up with new names. I had some strict rules: the name could not end in an "s" because it gets lost when you say it with Snowden (so Brooks was out). The name could not end in "n" because it sounded too rhyme-y with Snowden (as it turns out I love so many boy names ending in "n". But alas Hudson and Nolan were out). The name could not end in "r" because it sounded to close to Parker and we wanted their names to sound different (Apparently I adore every boy name that exists ending in "r"! Every. Single. One! But ultimately Walker, Tanner, and Warren were out).
Then there was Grant. So easy. The first time we talked about it, we both liked it. It immediately moved to the serious column. It was a clear favorite from the beginning. In fact, Grant along with two other names became our short list. 
Just like we did when I was pregnant with Parker, we decided to use our favorite names, one at a time, for a week each, to refer to the baby. We started with Grant. And after that first week, we never used another first name! Grant just... fit. We both felt it.
Next we planned to use our top two middle names for a week each. We didn't even make it a full week. The name we were trying out just wasn't it. Henry became the clear fit. After all, it had been a favorite name of ours for a while as well. 
When the realization sank in we asked, do we have a name? Have we decided on a name? Yes. Our son is Grant Henry. And we cannot wait to meet him!



  1. I love it! Grant was a contender for both our babies, but ultimately ruled out bc the hubby "knew someone" that he wasn't fond of (hate it when that happens!) Can't wait to see you monogram all the things!

  2. Well, you already know this, but... I LOVE it!!! I can't wait to hold my littlest nephew, Grant Henry!

  3. Love it. Can't wait to squeeze him.


  4. I LOVE IT!! And, I love how you decided to 'try out' the name for a week! We may have to follow your lead on that one (when ever we get pregnant again), as we have SUCH a hard time agreeing on names.


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