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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Silent Sunday

As usual I'm sharing pictures from our week for Silent Sunday. I've already shared two picture filled posts about our days playing in the snow and being snowed in! It was a fun week. Here are a few more pictures of what we've been up to...

When Parker pulled that tub of blocks (yellow lid) off of his shelf, the blocks all fell out. I told him I was going to run rotate our laundry around the corner and be right back to help him clean up. I was probably gone for 3-ish minutes. When I came back to help him, Parker and already returned the blocks to the bin and was sitting next to them reading a book. That little boy makes me laugh!
I shared our first fun filled snow day when we went sledding but haven't yet shared these pics. These are from snow day number two after we got somewhere around 15" of snow!
My sweet husband had to shovel quite a bit of snow off of our driveway!
The sun was shining but the windchill was -12 degrees! Brrr!
In every picture of Parker, Cash is probably one inch outside the frame. These two love each other so much!
I have to share this little series. After watching us blow our noses into tissues for the past several weeks, Parker decided to try blowing his nose. Of course to him that actually means "sniffing a tissue", but it is  still so cute. I'm glad I was able to capture his first experience!
And I'm closing out this edition of Silent Sunday with a sneak peek at Parker's Valentine's Day Photo Shoot. Even though most pictures look something like this, I managed to get a few "good ones". Even so I still love catching little pieces of his personality at this fun age!


  1. Fifteen inches of snow and -12 degrees? Yikes!
    We're learning the fine art of nose blowing. It's generally one massive fail after another. But, we're working on it.
    That last picture of Parker? TOO MUCH CUTENESS!

  2. Aww, such a great week filled with fun times! In the last picture Parker doesn't look like a baby at all. I think someone's growing up, Mama...


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