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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two Santa's: A Catch Up Post

I didn't blog much during the fall. And as much as I want my blog to capture the moments of our lives so that I can look back on all we did, there was too much happening in real life for me to keep up with keeping up the blog! Because of that I'm playing a little catch up. I apologize for the out of sync posts that will pop up over the next few weeks!

This year we got to visit not one but two Santa's! I hoped the first experience would help Parker "warm up" to the idea of sitting on Santa's lap but he wasn't too keen on the idea at all!

The army post where we live offered a "Cookies and Milk" afternoon story time with Santa and Mrs. Claus! Honey happened to finish up school early that day and was able to go along with us!
Parker was curious about Santa... from a distance. 
Parker mostly enjoyed crawling around the big room.
And listening to the story Mrs. Claus told
Sitting on the big mans lap did not go over well at all!
He was very suspicious of that strange bearded man!
Parker did give Mrs. Claus a high-five
But didn't want to sit with her either!
He was mostly happy to crawl around and check out all the other children!

A week or so later we took Parker to visit Santa at Bass Pro Shop. We were fortunate enough to go on a weekday and have only one person in line in front of us! This worked well for us since we are operating around two nap times.
Parker did not throw a fit, but he wasn't please with us placing him in this stranger's lap! We still got a cute picture of our little one:
Per usual, Parker loved looking at the fish in the aquarium there and trying to catch one!
Despite the typical toddler fear of Santa, we had a great time visiting Santa with Parker! It is so hard to believe that next year we will have TWO little boys to put in Santa's lap!



  1. I have heard great things about Bass Pros Santa so maybe we will give that a try this year. I refuse to visit the mall. It's completely insane.

  2. This Christmas was the first time we brought M to see Santa. It was an epic fail (as I imagined it would be). But, there is just something about the Santa Fail photos… Like a right of childhood passage.
    And, my goodness, Parkers cheeks! L.O.V.E.them!


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