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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday which means I am asking SO WHAT:

So What... If I cannot seem to locate our Valentine's decorations anywhere in our home? I'm blaming it on the move. And the fact that we don't have totes and totes of Valentine's accessories like we do Christmas. Thank goodness for Target!

So What... If this weekend I went sledding for the first time since I was maybe eight years old? Of course my husband has had opportunities to go sledding in Washington state, New York, and Germany (to name a few). But me? C'mon, I'm from Georgia! We don't grow up sledding. (But it was sooo much fun!)

So What... If we are about to get buried under snow here in Kansas? I am slightly bummed about missing my baby music class AND play group with Parker Bear due to the twelve inches of snow we are currently getting, but I am loving having Honey at home for these fun snow days!

So What... If I am so super excited about Parker's BIG BOY Room? I ordered a couple of things this week and am ready to finalize the color palette and make my Pintrest board a reality!

So What... If I could not care less about the Super Bowl? I mean if you ask me, Super Bowl Sunday is an excuse to make fun treats and watch funny commercials. Speaking of, where were the funny ones this year?? At least I thought the half time show was good. (Red Hot Chili Peppers for President!!)

So What... If I posted my first bump date yesterday. Ahem, at almost 27 weeks... I may have been late to the bump-date party but I certainly plan on making regular contributions going forward!

What are you saying so what to? Happy Wednesday!

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