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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Silent Sunday

A few pictures of our week...
It's so cold here! Sometimes it's not even worth it to unbundle for grocery shopping.
Parker watched his first Thomas the Train this week!
 And he waved to the trains!
 Turns out this little guy is a great work out partner!
 We had some warm weather early in the week! It was nice enough to swing!!
 Parker "helps" me at the store by holding each item before I place it in the cart. Unless it is glass or frozen I let him "help". He is so curious about everything, I love it!
 Parker had a great time in play group this week!
 He was unsure about crawling through this tunnel...
 But with the help of his cars, he finally did it!
 Parker is cutting two teeth. Just makes one more reason to snuggle. 
 Parker Bear has been sporting his "big boy shoes" that he got for Christmas. I'm not sure I can handle it!
My other baby, Cash Dog
 Parker has been on the look out this week. Lots of cars, trucks, school buses and dogs go by our house!
 Parker had a chance to play with our neighbors daughter. She is a big sister so she was very sweet with him!
 I had to share an out-take from our 20-month photo shoot. This little one is such a little pistol!


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