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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What We Looked Like

I love lifestyle family photo shoots! Our little family has been able to get pictures made each fall and I love getting outside and documenting our family with a creative photographer! ...Then of course I enjoy updating the photos around our home with our latest session. This year was no exception and we will always treasure these photos as part of our one-year here in Kansas!

We used three pictures from our fall family photos on our Christmas card. I found a fabulous artist who designed our cards this year and I loved what she put together for us!
And on the back:
Here is a little look back at our fall family photos (taken in September 2013):

My Two Boys:
 This one was also our "announcement" picture for Baby Boy Snowden #2 with both of them wearing their "big brother" attire:
Some family portraits while Parker wore his "big brother" shirt:
And our little Parker Bear:
This one we used on our "moving announcement" to send our new Kansas address to friends and family:
And a few more of our little family... I loved each of the locations for these!
I will always treasure these pictures! They will go down in our Snowden History Book as "what we looked like" when we lived in Kansas!



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