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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bump-Date: Baby Boy #2 at 26 Weeks

Despite the lack of Bump-Date's so far with Baby Boy Snowden #2, I am in fact still pregnant and so completely excited about having another little boy! Brothers two years apart will be so much fun!
Sorry to have kept this pregnancy so under wraps, that was not my intention! Without further ado, here is an update on how this pregnancy is going at 26 weeks:

How Far Along: 26 weeks; Baby Boy #2 is due on May 10th
Weight Gain: About 12 pounds (need to double check that figure at my appointment next week!)
Baby Is: 16 inches long, 2.5 pounds
Food Cravings / Aversions: I've been craving cheesy foods: from pizza to Cheetos's to macaroni and cheese to just slicing huge chunks of soft mozzarella. I've also been craving apples (just like with Parker!) and small oranges like cuties or mandarin. And as cliche as it is, I have been loving dill pickles! The only aversion I have is occasionally seeing raw meat and then eating it. Gross! For a while I couldn't cook any poultry because it was so bad! I have noticed that there does not seem to be much room in my stomach for food these days. I am eating small meals throughout the day because there isn't room for a big feast in there!
How I'm Feeling: Excited, tired, blessed. Definitely get tired more easily this time around since I am spending my days taking care of little Parker. Sometimes I find myself catching my breath just from going up and down the stairs! I have spider veins in my leg which are particularly bad in my left leg. However, I am getting fabulous sleep! I remember with Parker having to get up several times a night because my bladder just couldn't hold anything. This time around I do have to take several bathroom breaks during the day, my nights are usually uninterrupted. Aside from feeling tired in the evenings, my energy level is great and even Honey can confirm I have not been (too) moody!
What I Miss: Definitely sushi and wine. We had sushi last week and I ate only the cooked rolls. Boring! I am very ready for some of the good stuff. And a glass of red!
Getting Ready: We are working on names and have some front runners. Since we are agreeable to most names it's been easy narrowing down our list. The hard part now is picking among our favorites! We are also getting Parker's big boy room ready so he can move into it over the next few months. That will free up the nursery for the new arrival!
Worst Part: Easy. My vein issue. The spider veins in my legs are so bad that I don't even put my feet on the floor in the morning until I have my compression socks on. Being without them - which is only when I'm in the shower - is so painful! Fortunately they should go away after the baby is born. Thank God!
Best Part: The movement! I know I will miss feeling this little one move around my belly. This baby boy is quite active! Honey has had many chances to feel him move and we both love watching my belly jump around.
What Parker Thinks: He mainly thinks my belly is a cozy place to snuggle up to. We ask him "Who is going to be a big brother" and he pats his chest (so cute!) but of course he doesn't really understand at this point. I know he will be a great big brother!
What Honey Thinks: He is thrilled to be having another son (of course!) and is sweet to check on me throughout the day. He is well aware of my vein issues and insists on helping me get things done and encourages me to sit down. (I'm not good at sitting down.)
What Cash Thinks: Cash is looking forward to being a big brother... again! He loves little babies.
All in all this pregnancy has been great! I'm extremely hopeful for a full-term baby this time around. I'm thankful to be feeling good and that this little baby is healthy!



  1. Hooray for bump pictures Nicole! That's awesome you are sleeping the whole night through!!

  2. You are the cutest!!
    Sushi and wine were the two biggies I missed the most, too. In fact, one of my girl friends was sweet enough to bring both the the hospital almost immediately after I delivered. It was seriously the most glorious meal.

  3. Parker looks very excited to be a big brother. I cannot wait to know my newest nephew's name!!


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