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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silent Sunday

Keeping it quiet around here today with Silent Sunday, a collection of a few pictures taken over the last week or so...

My husband is taking great pleasure in teaching Parker Bear "boy" things like licking the lid of the yogurt. Oh, what can I say? I kind of love it.
This little love has been such a ham lately!
Every diaper change he takes the opportunity to catch up on some reading...
I posted about Baby Boy Snowden #2's name this week and there has been a lot of excitement about that around here. First of course, Parker shared his baby brothers name...
And then Honey spotted this sign while driving around our post! We were impressed that there was already a street named after our baby! (I'm kidding.)
Most nights while I make dinner Parker is such a great helper! His job is to show me the truck magnets on the dishwasher and refrigerator.
He's also been doing a lot of this lately with a toy we have on loan from some sweet friends.
Our weather has been ALL OVER the place. The snow is finally melted and we got to enjoy a few days of 55 degree weather! These two photos were taken on the same day...
Parker is still taking two naps a day but if he skips his morning nap altogether, we usually have a nap/snuggle session before lunch. I love the way he curls around my growing belly!
He was such a little cut up at my doctor's appointment this week. He entertained the staff by laughing hysterically as he crusied around the furniture and showed them how to "sniff" the fake plant in the waiting room.
And me? Well, I'm almost 30 weeks!! (30 weeks?!?!) Can't wait to meet little Baby Grant!

Have a great Sunday!!



  1. Oh those mid-morning snuggles are the BEST! And...I'm going to need to see the belly better! The cardigan is in the way, I can hardly see that sweet baby bump. :)

  2. Parker's diaper changing booking ready is hilarious! Maybe we should try that with Marcus, he is always wiggling all over when I try to change him.

  3. you gotta love the distraction techniques necessary to get through diaper changes! he is so darn cute and, again, I love that you take him with you to your appointments...he's going to be a great big brother!


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