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Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentine Weekend

Date night, family museum trip, and plenty of sweet gifts and adorable crafts! We had such a fun-filled Valentine's weekend!

We kicked off Valentine's Day by exchanging cards and gifts. Parker made his Daddy a special Valentine's Day card with his thumb print and artistic coloring skills.

Here he is concentrating on his artwork:
His finished product!
Then Parker opened his Valentine's Day treats from us. He got farm-themed flashcards, a book, a Thomas the Train DVD, and a set of rescue trucks! First he read the card with Daddy:
 Then he opened his present:
 Checking out the farm flash cards...
Of course the tractor card is his favorite!
But he liked looking at the animal cards too! 
 Then Honey and I got dressed up for our DATE NIGHT! We used a sitter for the first time since arriving at Fort Leavenworth. Parker absolutely loved her so we felt comfortable leaving for two hours!

 We went to a nice restaurant in town that was offering a 5 course dinner special for Valentine's Day. It was so nice to sit and relax and eat and talk. Of course we love going to dinner with Parker Bear too but this was certainly a special treat! It was a great Valentine's Day!

On Saturday we headed out for a family fun day! We went to Fritz's Railroad for lunch and then to Wonderscope, a fabulous children's museum in Kansas City!

Fritz's is such a neat place! You order your meal by a phone at your table, then a train delivers your meal to you from a little train track that circles the restaurant! There were choo-choo trains everywhere and Parker was in heaven!

 Even while he was eating his little eyes were taking it all in!
 All the train tracks led to the busy kitchen which you can see right behind my Honey!
Parker was so excited about watching all the trains!
 And even though Parker wasn't a fan of the train conductor hats they handed out, Honey and I wore ours... just for pictures!
When our food arrived by train, a little lift lowered our basket of food to our table. It was pretty neat!
 Parker was very unsure of the lift...
But he quickly forgot about it and focused again on all the trains!
It was so much fun!

After lunch we headed to Wonderscope, a hands on children's museum. Parker is very into animals these days and was so excited to see that there were two guinea pigs to greet us at the front door!
Then we headed to the "Small Wonders" room created for children two-and-under to explore and crawl around. To say Parker loved it would be an understatement!! First he found the cars and the track:
 Then he explored high...
 He explored low...
 He walked with Daddy...
 He found Mommy out of this window...
He crawled up...
He crawled down...
 He crawled over this window...
And found me below it looking up at him!
He really thought that was funny!
 He was extremely busy exploring every possible square inch!
 After all of that playing, we checked out a few other rooms at the museum. Most of them were for children a little older than Parker but he loved watching them play!
 It was such a fun time! Little Parker was asleep in his car seat moments after leaving. What a fun Valentine's Weekend it was!



  1. Awwww, this place looks so fun!! And you are too cute!

  2. You went to Fritz's (one of M's favorite places!!) and Wonderscope?!! What an AWESOME day for Parker!! We love going to both places when we are home.
    Have you taken Parker to Deanna Rose Farmstead? It's a spring/summer activity, but so much fun. Parker would LOVE feeding the goats!

  3. How fun!! I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  4. Your blog is too cute!!! Parker is the name we had picked out for my daughter had she been a boy. (We didn't find out the gender before delivery) It looks like y'all hD a fabulous Valentine's weekend! Look forward to reading more! -xo Amanda


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