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Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you had a fabulous week and are as excited about today being Friday as I am! Here are my top five for this week:

Twinkle & Bing. My parents,  or as the grands call them Twinkle and Bing, are here this week and we have had so much fun! Our days have been a happy balance of exploring nearby areas and eateries as well as spending time at home playing and laughing with little Parker Bear! (More to come in a separate post about all the fun we've been having!)

Restful Mama. Speaking of my parents being here, I haven't so much as lifted a finger this week! (Lifting a 24 lb baby onto my hip, yes, but a finger, no.) My mom is such a great help with cooking, cleaning, folding, picking up... And my dad is too! He has been in charge of the dogs, cranking the car so it can warm in our frigid temps, and I even caught him vacuuming. So thankful for their giving hearts!

Cash & Truman. Cash's brother Truman belongs to my parents and so of course he is here visiting too. Cash loves his brother Truman sooooo much and we have so enjoyed watching them play together all week long!

Little Walker. Parker is so very close to walking! Our goal of course is to have him up on his own before Baby Grant makes his debut. Go Parker!!! 

Baby Shower. Tonight some sweet neighbors are throwing a baby shower for Baby Grant and me. I can't wait to celebrate him with my fellow Army wives and Kansas friends! As an added bonus, my mom will be going with me!!

I hope you had a wonderful week!




  1. YAY for Twinkle and Bing! Getting that extra help is always so awesome.

  2. I love that they are called Twinkle and Bing. So nice to have help. You can tell those two are siblings!


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