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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Is Valentine's Day a made up holiday based on gruesome historic events that exists for us to buy flowers, chocolates, treats, and cards for our loved ones? Maybe. Do I love it anyway? Why, YES, I do!
An excuse to remind my loves that I love them on Valentine's Day and every day? Sure!
An excuse to exchange lovey-dovey cards with my little family? Why not?
An excuse to eat chocolate while arranging a bouqet of flowers from my love? You bet!
This may be considered a "hallmark holiday" to some but that is not going to stop me from celebrating and loving every minute of it either way! I never need much of a reason to celebrate so calling a day Valentine's Day is clearly enough for me!

This year I decided to do something a little different. I mailed Valentine's Day photo cards to our friends and family. A new trend? Hmmm, we'll see. But something I absolutely loved doing this year nonetheless!
We have several relatives and friends who are not on Facebook (gasp!). Because of that they don't get to see the pictures of Parker that I post daily weekly. After I mailed our "change of address" photo cards last fall, and then three months later mailed our Christmas photo cards, I realized just how much these simple pictures in the mail touched some of our nearest and dearest! I got several hand-written cards in return thanking us for the sweet picture of Parker in the mail. It was then that I decided, I wanted to mail photo cards again as soon as possible!
And what better time than Valentine's Day?? So I set Parker up for a quick Valentine's Day photo shoot with his favorite red Peek-a-whoo puppy dog and within minutes I was on - my go-to source for photo printables - designing a Valentine's Day card to put in the mail!

I had so much fun putting our card together! Tiny Prints has so many designs to choose from and I love that I can sort by number of photos, photo orientation, and most importantly, card stock! I even used their online chat service and as always was so pleased with their customer service. A few days later, the Valentine's cards were on our doorstep and I quickly mailed them out to our friends and family.

For our finished product, I settled on these three pictures of our boy showcasing his cute, funny, little personality:
Here is the end result!
I loved how these turned out but even more I love sending mail the old-fashioned way. I hope these cards brought a smile to some faces this February!

Although provided these photo cards to me in exchange for my opinion of their services, all viewpoints stated within this post are completely my own.



  1. Ahh, your cards turned out so cute! We have never sent VDay cards, but maybe it's something we need to reconsider next year. :)

  2. I've loved the idea of Valentine's cards since we got David and Stephanie's last year! So cute! I'm sure all who received a Valentine's greeting from Parker loved it.


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